Is windshield replacement for a damaged windshield necessary?

In the United States, it would be considered a crime to drive a vehicle with a damaged windshield. According to experts, if you figure out visibility issues through your windshield, it is high time for the windshield replacement.

Did you know that you can be ticketed while driving with a damaged windshield? Simply, the risk isn’t worth it. It is better to keep yourself and the passengers safe. In addition to its primary role of protecting the vehicle from rain, dust, debris, and any other harmful thing, a windshield is quite essential to keep you and your passengers away from fatal injuries.

You must be thinking how? Well, at the time of the accident, the windshield doesn’t allow the outside objects to penetrate your car and its interior. Many significant car producers have linked up the windshield with airbags as well. As soon, the car senses a heavy impact on the windshield, the airbags would be activated.

With a damaged windshield, you are compromising your own and your loved one’s safety. If the windshield is affected or there is a visibility issue, you should connect with the insurance company to either fix it or for the windshield replacement.

This article will highlight the importance of the glass cleaning process, its inspection, and in what scenarios you should repair or replace the glass. Moreover, we will discuss the top windshield brand and the costs attached to it.

Read on, you might need to repair or replace your vehicle’s windshield. Moreover, try to search for a ‘replacement windshield near me’, maybe you will find the best mechanic for your vehicle.

How to do glass cleaning and inspection?

According to car specialists, you should always try to use soft material during the cleaning process of the windshield. Non-Ammonia cleaners are recommended by most of the best in the business. With the use of microfiber towels, you can erase every dirt particle from the windshield to have a clear vision.

Ammonia can severely damage the upholstery material and window tints as well. However, let’s discuss the factors to look for, while you carry out the inspection procedure;

Check the glass closely

You should check the glass with your eyes wide open. With the passing time, the chances for chips and cracks increase. If the problem is on the basic stage, the glass is repairable. However, if the damage is being ignored continuously, it would demand windshield replacement,

Micro Pits created on the windshield

These holes are created on the windshield due to airborne particles hitting the windshield at a high speed. Due to these pits, the visibility rate decreases and the driver is unable to see properly if the car on the opposite road has its headlights on.

Moreover, the vision also becomes blurred due to the sunlight incoming through the windshield. This is a clear sign that the windshield has to be replaced before you incur any severe incident.

Inspect the edges of the glass

With the passing time, the windshield starts losing its grip on the bodywork of the vehicle. Constantly being exposed to the sun or water, create holes on the side of the windshield.

The structure of the windshield is not in its supreme position and it becomes weak as well. As soon as you discover this issue in your windshield, you should connect with a professional to get it fixed.

The rubber on wiper blades should be soft

One of the major reasons for the repair or replacement of the windshield is the wiper blades. Once the wiper blades become hard and you can see that they are struggling while working, you should replace them. Otherwise, it would cause constant harm to your windshield, which might cost you more than wiper blade replacement later on.

From where to get quality windshield repair?

Just like other safety features of your car, the windshield is also considered amongst them. It is known for providing strength to the body of your car and supports the performance of the airbags installed in your vehicle.

You must approach a top-quality replacement mechanic for the windshield repair, who will ensure a quality installation process. If the windshield is not rightly placed, the water and other particles can make their place in the car – which will eventually affect the vehicle itself.

How can you be sure that the repair is up to the mark?

There are chances that the repair would be great if you are hiring a professional. However, you need to be conscious about it, no matter what the situation is. Several leaks and wrecks are a clear indication that the repair is not done right.

According to experts, you need to ask for services from a reputable brand in the market to avoid any kind of further issues. If an inexperienced mechanic will fix the windshield for you, there are chances that the windshield might lose its place during an accident which can cause severe damages to the passengers.

It would be great if you can spend some money for your safety and hire a professional from a reputable company in the United States. Specialists suggest you should invest money in the mechanics from Glass America. They try to ensure quality during the installation and repair process.

Let’s discuss the standards Glass America follows;

Provide written warranty

There would be only a handful of brands that will take this step of providing a warranty for their repair work. Well, Glass America is one of them. They give a detailed explanation about the whole process when the work is completed.

Use certified technicians

You would not find any unprofessional person being part of Glass America. They hire technicians who are great with their skills and know-how to fulfill their duties.

Follow all instructions

It’s important to have a complete guide and knowledge before carrying out the task. Well, all the workers from Glass America make sure to follow all the protocols. Instead of using their methodologies, they try to go by the book and help their seniors.

Use top-notch products

The products play an important role during the windshield replacement and repairing process. If the product is not of ideal quality, it will not fulfill the purpose rightly. However, Glass America makes sure to use products that are cleared by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Free mobile service

You can connect with Glass America in case you incur any problem with the windshield. They are happy to help you and give you a free mobile service under every circumstance. What more can you expect from a reputable brand?

In what conditions windshield can be repaired?

Technology has advanced and famous techniques are available to repair the damaged glass of the windshield. Previously, the technicians couldn’t repair the damage caused by any incident to the windshield; however, the scenario has changed now.

Does car insurance cover windshield replacement? Many insurance companies believe that it is desirable to not charge anything for repairing glass instead of taking the entire burden of windshield replacement. Nevertheless, experts suggest that the windshield should be replaced instead of being repaired.

The size of the crack or chip is the main determining factor – whether the windshield has to be replaced or repaired. If the glass has chipped to a quarter extent and the crack is a few inches longer, the windshield can be repaired. There are some states of America, which do not allow the repairing of windshields. According to them, a repaired windshield is not satisfactory and can be vital for road incidents. It is a threat to the vision of the driver.

Moreover, if the glass is cracked from the edge of the windshield, experts believe that it should be replaced. As the repairing process would be ineffective. These cracks usually grow with time and at some point, the whole glass would be affected.

To repair the glass damaged, technicians make use of polymer resin in the area affected. After this substance is injected, it is left to dry. Once it dries, the imperfect surface becomes smooth and the damage is less visible.

The outcome mainly depends on the quality of the material being used and the skill of the technician. Well, there are kits available in the market, which you can purchase and do the stuff on your own. However, specialists believe that the work should be done by a professional. These technicians are equipped with better tools and expertise which can help in a satisfactory result.

Different regions would have different costs for the repairing of the windshield. Nevertheless, the typical range for the repair cost of a chip is $60 – $100. Secondly, if the chips are greater in number, you might even get a discount for it. For cracks also, the price range is more or less the same. It might cost you around $125 or more than that.

Is windshield replacement a better option?

Whenever you plan to get a windshield replacement, it is important to search for companies with certain expertise in it. Remember, the material quality and the skill set of a technician matter a lot. It might be a fruitful result for you or you might regret your decision.

According to experts, we should look for businesses that are registered under the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). Once the business would be certified, you would have less tension on your head for the replacement process as you would be aware of their expertise and skillsets.

In some cases, the windshield replacement cost is covered under the auto insurance policies given by the manufacturing companies. However, this practice is not famous in most states. If you are fortunate enough to live in the state, where the opportunity is available, you will be lucky enough to get the windshield replacement at zero cost. 

Insurance companies usually involve third-party companies to connect the car owners with a reputable glass company. However, the car owner is not liable to follow their commands, they can research for the best company on their own as well.

What if you don’t have an insurance policy?

Many drivers around the United States are running their cars without opting for insurance policies. Well, the windshield replacement cost might vary from region to region and it entirely depends on the labor cost and the material being used in the repairing process.

The work style of an auto dealer and a local independent glass dealer would vary. An auto dealer will make the use of a new windshield; on the other hand, an independent dealer would go for a secondhand windshield which is not desirable by most car owners.

A survey suggests the windshield replacement of the Honda Accord will cost you around $250 – 300 and for BMW X6 it will range from $350 – 450.

However, some cars are using the driver assistance system. In these cases, a camera is installed or mounted at the back of the windshield. Technically, with the windshield replacement, you need to be quite careful with the camera as well. If the camera is damaged in high-end vehicles, it would become more costly for you. Well, nobody would like that.

There are only a handful of independent dealers who would carry out this task; otherwise, it is advised to take the car to the original dealership.

After the entire procedure of windshield replacement is completed, you need to make sure that it is done with finesse. It is suggested that you should go for a test drive to check the visibility concern and to notice whether the windshield checked all boxes.

If any whistling sounds can be heard, there is a possibility that the windshield is not placed properly. If you have come across any problem, you should contact the installer immediately and ask them to check again.

Top windshield brand available in the market

Whenever you plan for the windshield replacement, make sure to get one from a reliable dealer or brand. There are various local labels available but they compromise on the quality of the windshield.

Let’s discuss the top windshield brand;


You would usually find this brand’s windshield in most cars. Many top manufacturers are making use of OEM windshields. Experts suggest this windshield because it has similar moldings and attachments just like the original windshield.

OEM windshields are usually identical in shape and size and this is the sole reason for them to be replaced with the current windshield so easily.

Several companies are producing OEM windshields such as – AP TECH, and PPG.


There are situations when the windshield can be repaired; however, in the majority of cases, it has to be replaced by a new one. It is important to understand your scenario and then make your decision. Some people might buy cheap windshield replacement quotes; however, that should not be the approach – nothing is more important than your life.

Let’s hope this article helps you understand the magnitude of windshield replacement and repair and how it can be done.

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