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Why is your car pulling right Is it some serious malfunction

Why is your car pulling right? Is it some serious malfunction?


Have you ever experienced,  while driving peacefully your car suddenly starts to pull towards the right? Well, you are not alone, many people have complained about it before as well. If you are here to seek an answer to this issue, stay with us, because we will discuss why your car pulls to the right suddenly.

Vehicles need maintenance and once something is worn out, it implies it’s time for you to give your car a checkup. The process of getting your car fixed is hectic, costly, and time-consuming, thus it is vital to understand where exactly is the point of concern.

If your car pulls to the right, it suggests that there is something wrong with it and there could be a myriad of reasons, such as malfunctions in the brake system, worn-out parts of steering or suspension, and even uneven tire pressure.

To help you with figuring out what is wrong with your car, this article will guide you with a list of problems that are commonly associated with a car pulling towards the right, and the solutions for them as well.

It might seem like a lot to absorb, but the information below will help you identify the exact problem and make your checkup with the mechanic easier and efficient. You can also look at our table of contents to see what we will cover.

Why is your car pulling right? Is it some serious malfunction?                                                                 

  • Introduction                                                                                                           
  • Is the car pulling to the right is normal?                                                   
  • Uneven air pressure in tires
    • Solutions                                                                                                                    
  • The brake system problems
    • Solution                                                                                                     
  • Worn out Steering or Suspension parts
    • Solutions                                                                                                                    
  • Worn out Wheel Bearing
    • Solution                                                                                                              
  • Conclusion                                                                                                               

Is the car pulling to the right is normal?

The answer to this question is simple: Certainly not normal. Even though many people experience this while driving, they tend to ignore it. However, it is a clear signal that something is wrong and it has to be checked as soon as possible.

Your car can’t move towards the right side automatically. The power of the steering wheel helps in this process. Nevertheless, if you sense something fishy, the factors listed below could be the possible reasons for the problem with your car. 

Uneven pressure in tires 

The uneven pressure in the tire may cause your automobile to wobble to the right. This is also the first thing you should examine if your car starts pulling to the right unexpectedly. Checking the height of the vehicle against both tires is one approach to see if your car has this issue. If this is the case, the car will not be proportionate, as if one tire is deflated or does not have the same amount of pressure as the other. You can also use a pressure gauge to check the pressure in your tires.

Having low pressure in tires is not good while driving, as it increases rolling resistance. There are chances that the car pulls to the right when accelerating and this can lead to other grave issues such as misalignment and cause the risk of accidents while driving. Overinflation in tires is equally damaging, as it would also cause the car to pull to one side due to the unequal balance of proportion.


Here are some possible solutions for your car if you have confirmed that uneven tire pressure is the reason why your car pulls to the right. 

  • Inflate air to fit your vehicle model’s proper pressure
  • Make sure low pressure does not continue as this implies a puncture.
  • Make sure your tire pressure is equal consistently. 
  • Measure the pressure of your tire with a pressure gauge and inflate all tires to the accurate PSI. The maximum pressure is listed on the driver’s jam door.

The brake system problems

If you are only facing the trouble of your car pulling to the right when braking, then this means the brake system needs your attention.

Usually, the brake system problems can be identified into three categories: stuck calipers, collapsed brake hoses, and slide pin problems. All of these issues in the brake system can cause your car to pull to the right.

The most common issue amongst these three is the stuck caliper, which can be identified with grinding noises. When a caliper puts force on the brake pads, it pulls power from the hydraulic brake system. The calipers are vital in stopping the car when the brake pedal is pushed. If they are not working properly, and have issues, then the car would ultimately pull to one side. 


Well, the only solution to any of these problems is the same: get it checked by a professional mechanic who knows how to identify the exact problem, and tell you the cost of getting it fixed. You cannot do this by yourself unless you are a mechanic or have sufficient knowledge of vehicles.

Worn out Steering or Suspension parts

If the above two do not coincide with your problem, then maybe the issue lies in your car parts being worn out. Every part has its expiry date, and many times either you must replace the worn-out parts or repair them. Your car can likely pull towards the right due to worn-out parts in the steering or suspension system. 

The suspension is more probably to need fixing again, or a new replacement. Various parts of a suspension can be worn out over time, some of them are:

  • ball joints
  • control arms
  • struts
  • shocks
  • bushings

The declining parts cause the car to pull to the right. It’s important to know that suspension parts show signs over a long period, thus you can only know there’s a problem if you get a check-up, or the parts get fully worn out and broken.

Memory Steer 

If the steering is your problem, then you must be facing Memory steer, which is a popular term used in the industry to describe the issue of your car pulling in the direction where you just steered.

For example, you steer to the right, and your car suddenly starts pulling towards the right too. Worn out parts in the steering system that you have to look closely at are:

  • tie rods
  • strut bearings
  • ball joints


The only two ways you can prevent worn-out parts from impacting your car pulling towards the right or left is to have an annual check on the car to make sure nothing is out of date and replace or repair any part that needs it before it starts troubling. If the parts get really out of date, then it risks the driver as well. Secondly, you can resort to the old way of going to a mechanic once the signs of a deteriorating part in either steering or suspension start to show. 

Worn out wheel bearing 

The last possible problem on this checklist guide is your car’s wheel bearing. If your wheel bearing is deteriorated or completely worn out, the car starts showing various signs other than pulling towards the right. 

It is incredibly dangerous to drive if the wheel bearing is worn out and needs replacement, your wheel will simply stop working. Furthermore, a broken wheel bearing places a lot of pressure on the hub, CV joint, and transmission. Thus, it is really important to look out for all the signs of a worn-out wheel bearing.

Your car will make grinding noises that will be centered on the tire area. However, if the wheel bearings are totally damaged and need an emergency replacement, you will start hearing roars instead. Some other symptoms of bad wheel bearing include shaking of the steering wheel, and pulling towards the right or left. 

Wheels rotate smoothly due to the bearing, and if the bearing is worn out and deteriorating, then it will affect the driver’s steering resulting in life-threatening outcomes while driving, if not fixed immediately.


The solution for worn-out wheel bearing is to get it checked promptly without any delay. Many people delay in trying to get their problems fixed, or ignore the symptoms while they show until they reach a point you can’t ignore. The latter part is a really dangerous way to go about maintaining your car, therefore it is recommended to go to a mechanic once in a while to make sure everything is in working condition. If anything starts to fall apart, or make sounds, then the visit is not a choice, it is a must!

So, if your car is making roaring and grinding noises, you know what to do!


Now that you have all the information, look closely at the symptoms and keep them in mind while driving your car, and if any of them click with the listed problems, then you know what to do.

It is vital to make sure your car parts are not defective, worn out, or in need of maintenance. If the problems aren’t resolved, they can lead to horrible consequences while driving. So, get your car to the mechanic once a year, and stay safe!

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