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The answer to why is car insurance so expensive

The answer to why is car insurance so expensive?

“Why is car insurance expensive?” This is one of the most common questions that people ask. In this article, we will provide you with 7 reasons why car insurance comes with a heavy price tag.

The factors that make car insurance expensive

Car insurance is not expensive for everybody. There are many individual car owners who are charged more in lieu of their personal conduct. Some people might be charged more for having an expensive car. Also, it depends on which state the person is living in and which insurance company is insuring the car.

Check out the reasons why getting car insurance may be an expensive option for you.

The age of the driver

An individual’s age is a big factor that determines the cost of the car insurance. This statement may seem weird, but it is true. Young drivers out number others to get car insurance. There exists a possibility that such drivers will have a higher chance of meeting an accident. The car insurance companies tend to back them to get car insurance. One reason is that young men have a larger tendency to drive under the influence of alcohol. Young drivers tend to be more careless, and they lack experience.

On the other hand, older and senior drivers usually lack the necessary fast reflexes. They usually have some health issues too. They have weak eyesight. Although senior drivers don’t drive fast, and remain cautious, there are possibilities they face accidents more frequently during the insurance coverage period.

Married people

Married people are more cautious drivers. They are more stable and do take their driving seriously. They usually cannot afford accident-related expenditures. Therefore, the down payments and monthly premiums for unmarried drivers are usually higher. This is another class of drivers who ask “why is car insurance expensive? ” more frequently.

Regular and punctual premium payments

If you falter in paying the premium for your car insurance policy, the cost of premium will shoot up.  If a company stops coverage, then getting car insurance coverage from another company may become difficult for you, because they will charge more for providing you with a new car insurance policy.

The vehicle factor

Depending on what type of car you have, also affects the cost of insurance. If you own a sports car, then you will have to pay more for your insurance. And driving fast is always connected to accidents, whether the person is the at-fault driver or not.

Any factor that increases the chance of an accident, automatically leads to paying higher premiums, if not down payments.

The frequency of driving

If you use your car frequently and are driving for long durations during a week, the chances of meeting an accident tend to increase. The vehicle gets worn down faster and is prone to breakdowns. The insurance company may charge you a high premium fee.

The residency factor

The location, where you live, is also a strong factor in determining the premium rates. If the locality is plagued with robberies, theft, vandalism, and break-ins then this is taken into consideration by the insurance companies. Besides this, if the area is prone to accidents then you will have to pay a more premium fee.

History of traffic violations

Any diver with a bad history of driving will certainly have to pay more in terms of insurance costs. If the driver has had claims made against him, he might have to pay a higher premium cost.

Whether you are at-fault or not at-fault, you have parking tickets, speeding tickets, and convictions for drunk driving, or you are held for questioning after an accident – will all have a negative effect on the insurance coverage.

To insurance companies; the driver’s history shows them what could happen in the future if they provide the insurance coverage to the driver.


Now you know why car insurance is so expensive for some drivers. As mentioned earlier, there are many individual car owners who are charged more in lieu of their personal conduct. Some people might be charged more for having an expensive car. Young drivers and senior drivers can take defensive driving lessons that could lower the burden of heavy monthly premiums.

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