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Common Reasons Why Your Car Is Making More Noise Than Usual

Common Reasons Why Your Car Is Making More Noise Than Usual

You may have noticed that your car is making unusual noise if you own one and know the usual sound of a car. No doubt, you get worried when you notice this unusual sound. You ask others why does my car sound louder than usual? If it is new for you, you do not find the reason behind this happening but if you have experienced it many times then you might be aware of some reasons behind this happening. The most common reason behind the awful noise coming from the car can be due to the dust stuck in the car’s engine.

This guide provides you with detailed information about the reasons why your car is making more noise than usual. It also provides the detail for some tips to prevent such noise. You need to indicate the problem as soon as possible because you may need to replace the car’s damaged items instead of repairing them. You should find the reasons why your car makes too much noise and avoid such things that could lead to this situation.

Reasons Why My Car Sounds Louder Than Usual

=Here are some of the reasons that let you get the answer to your question “why does my car sound louder than usual?”

  • Damaged Muffler

When your car is making too much noise, it might not be due to a damaged engine. This noise may becoming due to the damaged muffler. So, if you notice that louder noise is coming from your car than the usual sound, it might be due to a failing muffler.

In this condition, you must check the gas mileage that may have been dropped. This problem cannot be resolved by yourself so you need to call a technician to solve this issue.

  • Bad Bearings

If you have noticed a usual sound from your car when running, it might be due to the bad bearing. You should never ignore the sound that is similar to the sound coming from a washing machine, you should check the engine bearings.

The bearings are the moving parts of the engine. If you drive your car too long or too far, these bearings can deteriorate. It can also result in seizing up your car’s engine.

  • Low Level of Oil

If you notice a loud rubbing or grinding sound coming from your car, you should check the engine oil levels. The modern and advanced cars come with the engine level monitor installed in them but this feature is not available in old cars or their sensors may not work.

It is best to check the oil level when you hear the grinding sound. You should keep in mind that your car’s engine requires this oil to function properly and stay lubricated. If you notice there is some leak, you should take it to a mechanic.

  • Damaged Exhaust System

The damaged exhaust system can also result in causing unusual noise from the car. This damage can be the result of an accident when the driver hits something while on the road. In such accidents, the exhaust system gets damaged.

Not only hitting but the rusting of the exhaust system can also make your car sound noisier. Damaged tailpipe, front pipe, and manifold can also result in causing loud noises from your car.

  • Failing Catalytic Converter

You may have noticed the presence of a catalytic converter in the cars that plays a vital role in burning off the unburnt hydrocarbons in the breakdown of sulfur. You hear an unusual and unpleasant sound from your car when the catalytic converter is failing. Your car’s engine starts sounding louder than normal and also affects the mileage of the car.

  • Worn Out Gasket

If you are hearing an unpleasant noise coming from your car when running, you need to check the gasket and the seals present in the car. It is because if the gasket and some seals of the exhaust system are failing, it will result in causing an inappropriate sound.

  • Bad Quality Spark Plug

If you have a spark plug of bad quality in your car, your car can make louder noises when running. A bad spark plug is a common reason behind this issue. Moreover, a spark plug enriched with dust particles also results in causing this issue. So, it is necessary to buy a high-quality spark plug and clean it regularly so it can perform its function effectively and efficiently.

How To Reduce Car’s Unusual Noise

Here are some of the tips to follow for reducing unusual noise coming from the car:

  • Buy Quality Tyres

You should buy high-quality tires that are considered the points of contact between the road and the car. We know that sound travels through vibrations so it would be best to invest some money in buying better tires.

  • Quality Spark Plug

It is recommended to buy a high-quality spark plug that does not affect the working of your car and its engine. High-quality spark plugs have a long life as compared to the ones with bad quality.

  • Check Functioning of Major Systems

You need to check the functioning of major systems of your car regularly. These systems include the suspension system, engine, exhaust system, and tires that are considered the major sources of car noise.


Why does my car sound louder than usual?

Your car is producing unusual sounds because some of its major functions are not working properly.

What is included in the major systems of a car?

The major systems of a car include the engine, exhaust system, tires, and suspension system.

How to prevent unusual noises from a car?

You need to find the reason behind this noise and fix it immediately. If you are low on budget or do not have time, you can install soundproof windows in your car to avoid such noises but it is not recommended.


People concerned about “why does my car sound louder than usual?”, should check the major functioning and parts of their car regularly. It is necessary to keep your car clean along with all its parts. You should use quality materials and try not to do harsh driving because it can result in causing accidents that not only damage your car but also affect your health.

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