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Why Does The ABS Light Come on and off

Why Does The ABS Light Come on and off

Many people are concerned to know why does my abs light come on and off, especially while driving. Let us first discuss what is the ABS light and what is its purpose before discussing the reason behind its turning on. ABS light is like a warning light that is present on your car’s dashboard. The purpose of this light is to alert you that there is a problem with the ABS system of your vehicle. So, you need to check it immediately.

The ABS on a vehicle plays a vital role in preventing the wheels of your vehicle from locking up when you slam on the brake pedal accidentally. The friction is increased by ABS between the ground and the tires, by keeping your tires from skidding. Thus, if the ABS system is not working properly, it means you cannot be provided with a quality driving experience and there may also be a risk to yourself while driving.

Why Does The ABS Light Come On and Off – These 4 reasons you must know

After getting to know about the purpose of the ABS light, you wonder why does my abs light comes on and off while driving and what is the reason behind it. Let us tell you that there are many reasons behind this happening. But if you want to avoid this situation, it would be best if you keep checking your ABS system so that any future problem could be avoided.

Now, let’s come towards our major topic that discusses the reasons why the ABS light of your vehicle comes on and off.

1. Improper Functioning of ABS Module

You can see the ABS light is turned on if the ABS module is not working properly. The ABS system of your vehicle is also connected with another system named traction control system. The purpose of this system is to keep the functioning of all the wheels at the same level so that they could work smoothly on the ground.

If any of the wheels is spinning irregularly, it will be detected by the traction control system and will cut the power off from the engine until the working of the wheel is stable again. So, when the traction control system is damaged or not working properly, you will see the ABS light is turning on and off while driving.

2. Damaged Wheel Speed Sensors

The ABS light comes on and off if there are damaged wheel speed sensors in your vehicle. These sensors can be defined as a piece of equipment that helps in providing you with information about the functioning and speed of each vehicle. If there is an issue with the speed of the wheels, it is detected by the computer and the adjustments are done by the traction control system.

If the speed sensor stops working or is full of dust, then you cannot get accurate information about the speed of your wheels. Moreover, it will also result in making a lot of adjustments which will result in disabling the ABS or traction control system until the problem is resolved or you restart your car.

3. Low Levels in Brake Fluid

You will notice that the antilock braking system light present on the dashboard is turned on if there is a low level in the brake fluid. We know that the brake system of our vehicle is hydraulic which means the power of a cylinder is used by the braking system. It results in putting pressure against the fluid for closing the brake pads and stopping your car. Thus, a consistent level of fluid is needed to let your car function properly.

The ABS light may also come on and off if the brake fluid has escaped from the system through evaporation or a leak. This issue is not sometimes detected by the sensor when the level of brake fluid is dropped. Thus, you should check the level of fluid if you see the ABS light is turned on.

4. Blown Fuse of ABS System

We can say that an ABS fuse works like other electrical systems and play a vital role in protecting the ABS system. If there is an electrical surge, this fuse can blow. So, if you notice the ABS light is coming on and off on your dashboard, you should check the fuse.

If your ABS fuse is blown, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. Make sure the new fuse is of high quality and durable so that it could last for a long time. After installing a new fuse, if the fuse blows again then it means that there is a short circuit in your ABS system. In this situation, you need to check the ABS computer or the pump motor.

How To Find Out The Problem?

After explaining the reasons behind the turning on and off of the ABS light, now let us discuss how to find out the problem with the ABS system. As we know that the ABS system works with the braking system so that the control could be maintained when you use heavy braking in case of any emergency.

To determine the issue, you need to insert the key in your car and turn it on and off to check whether the light is turning on or not. It is because the light is turned off when you reset the code that is stored in the system memory of your car’s computer. So, if there is a bug in the code, you should get it fixed by a programmer.

If you notice that the ABS pulses at low speed, you should clean the front when sensors along with applying little pressure. You should also check the brake fluid level if the ABS light comes on and off. Moreover, you also need to check the air filters that can become clogged due to dust and debris.

How To Fix This Issue?

There are different solutions to fix the issue of ABS light that turns on and off. It is important to fix this issue to save your ABS system so that your car could function properly and keep you safe while driving. It would be best if you hire a professional to check the issue with your ABS system and fix it.

If you know about the right techniques and tools to use, you can also perform this task yourself. Some of the major things that can be done to fix the issue of the appearance of ABS light on your dashboard. These actions include replacing the ABS fuse, fixing the leakage of the ABS pump, replacing the ABS wheel speed sensor, checking the stator ring, replacing the ABS computer module, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my abs light come on and go off while driving?

When there is an issue with the ABS system or its related components, the ABS light comes on and off while driving.

2. What is the meaning of ABS warning light?

The ABS warning light alerts you about a potential problem with your anti-lock braking system.

3. What to do when the ABS light stays on?

You should check the ABS system yourself or hire a professional technician to find the cause and fix the issue immediately.

Wrapping Up

The aim of the ABS light is to let you know about any problem with your ABS system that affects the functioning of your car and its wheels. You must get this issue checked immediately and fix it as soon as possible to avoid future problems. You can prevent these issues by getting the ABS system checked regularly.

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