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Why do you require Audi extended warranty

Why do you require Audi extended warranty?

Audi, another German masterpiece took over the world by storm due to distinguished and unique quality cars. The person who purchases a car from this manufacturing company is surely interested in the Audi extended warranty as well.

Other than Mercedes Benz and BMW, Audi has done a marvelous job to create and capture the automobile market. No one would deny the fact that Audi can only be purchased after long-term savings, due to its high cost.

Well, just not the prices of the Audi are lofty but the maintenance cost tied up to it is heavy too. Just like every other car-producing company, Audi doesn’t provide you with a lifetime warranty. Are you ready to bear the expenses related to the car once the warranty expires? Do you have any valuable planning for it?

Let’s find out why Audi extended warranty is important for you and how it can save you worthy time and money.

What major expenses are covered by the Audi warranty?

Whenever you purchase a new car from any manufacturing company, they provide you with a factory warranty. Every company has a different warranty system and rules. If you buy an Audi SUV or car, the official company will cover your car expenses for four years or when your car covers 50,000 KM mileage

The warranty package includes:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Accessories warranty
  • Free service after your car covers the mileage of 10,000 – 12,000 KM

Is Audi’s warranty better than its competitors?

Warranty is one of the main concerns for all the buyers who are motivated to purchase a luxurious vehicle for themselves. According to experts, Audi only covers the basic parts of the vehicle, other than the basic wear and tear.

When compared to brands like Mitsubishi, KIA, and Hyundai, they offer a warranty for 10 years or when the car completes the ride of 100,000 KM alongside bumper-to-bumper protection. Other than these big names, such as Lexus, Lincoln, and Acura provides you with a warranty for 7 years.

Understand the pre-owned limited warranty

Just like any other fresh vehicle’s warranty, you’ll purchase from the showroom; Audi has got the same plans but with some tricky timings.

Are you planning to get your hands behind the steering of a vehicle that is already under the factory warranty? Well, that’s not a bad choice because you will get the remaining part of the warranty package.

Moreover, once this factory warranty ends, the owner gets the leverage of the Audi pre-owned warranty. In this scheme, you’ll get your car’s expenses covered for five long years and there is no restriction on the mileage, as it’s unlimited.

The coolest thing about this warranty is the transferring factor. So, you have the leverage of enjoying the first owner’s warranty plan even if he/she is not the manufacturer.

Why do you need an Audi extended warranty?

A few years ago, Audi was labeled as the ‘darkest sinkhole of service cost’. Well, you aren’t pointed out, until you do something. According to the consumer reports, as the warranty expired and the car was messing up, all Audi owners were found spending a huge sum of money at the repair shops.

Seeing the complaints piling up and spoiling the brand image, Audi improved its services. However, I was still unable to cope up with the problems users were facing. A few of the breakdowns of Audi are listed below:

Faulty turn signals

This issue is usually captured by Audi A4 Quattro owners. Drivers who have vehicles from the model between 1997 – 2006 have reported this problem. Sometimes, the hazard is not working properly, or the indicator stays on even after being closed.

Engine failure

Carcomplaints.com has figured one major issue in the 2002 Audi A4. As soon the vehicle crosses the mark of 66,000 KM, there are higher chances that the engine might fail. Well, this is something to worry about due to the cost attached to it. According to the research, this will cost you around $6,500.

Worst piston

If you have the factory warranty alive, so it’s better for you and your vehicle. Otherwise, the load of expenses will be too hard to bear. The model produced back in 2012 Audi A4 has this problem. Well, the replacement of $8,500 might not sound good, but it is true.

Exhaust leakage

The majority of the Audi models produced comes with a flexible joint in the exhaust part. Due to rough use or with time it starts to leak. According to experts, it is useless to get the exhaust clean as the problem will arise again. They suggest that a new catalytic converter should be placed to get the vehicle back in action. Well, it is not that easy as it would cost you somewhere between $1,542 – $3,042.

This problem was raised in models from 1997 – 2006. Moreover, Audi owners who bought cars back in 2010 and 2012 faced the same issue.

Oil leaks

Usually, the oil leaks from the valve covers. The risk of the car catching fire increases, and if this problem is overlooked, there are higher chances that your engine might fail. Well, nobody wants their Audi’s engine to fail due to higher replacement cost. This difficulty starts once your vehicle reaches the mark of 63,000 KM.

To solve this problem, you’ll require a bank balance between $256 – $383.


Instead of taking the full burden on your shoulders, it is important to consider Audi extended warranty. The quality of Audi cars has been deteriorating, yet no action has been taken by the brand. Moreover, the factory warranty hasn’t changed a bit.

Back in 2011, when cars were compared with their competitors Audi was found on the worst level. According to experts, the mileage produced by the Audi A4 model is not applicable. Once it reaches the mark of 60,000+ KM, the chances of the engine failing increases.

 So, you should prefer taking Audi extended warranty as it’ll help you to reduce the repair cost.

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