A complete guide: Crankshaft position sensor

All modern cars are being produced with high technology sensors. To monitor the performance of the vehicle and to make it work efficiently, sensors are installed. However, if sensors stop working due to any reason it might test your patience and create severe tension for you.

Various kinds of sensors are installed in the latest cars. The most important among the list is the crankshaft position sensor.

In this article, we will understand why the crankshaft position sensor is an essential component of a vehicle. Moreover, what does it do? Where is it installed? How much does it cost? And other important attributes related to this equipment will be discussed.

What is a crankshaft position sensor?

Just like many other sensors, it is one of the essential components of a vehicle. It is known as an engine management part, usually found in all the modernly produced cars.

The main purpose of the crankshaft position sensor is to monitor crankshaft rotational speed and position. Moreover, it sends out the important information to the engine unit, so that all the adjustments are done accurately.

You must be thinking why is it so important? You need to know that if the crankshaft position sensor fails to respond to your vehicle, it would not be operating efficiently. As the signals won’t be reaching the engine control unit and it might create distortion and performance issues in the car.

Crankshaft position sensor location

Every car has the crankshaft position sensor placed generally at the bottom engine. You can locate it at any side of the engine. However, sometimes, you might find it hard to discover due to its unusual location and it would be a great hassle for you to replace it if this component becomes faulty.

Nevertheless, the crankshaft position sensor is near the bottom of the engine. As the major job of it is to see the progress and performance of the crankshaft.

What is the replacement cost of the crankshaft position sensor?

The basic cost of replacement will range from $150 – 250. It might sound quite costly, but if you can afford a luxury vehicle, the replacement cost of this essential component shouldn’t be bothering you.

As mentioned above, the location of the crankshaft position sensor is not a common one. Due to this factor, labor is charging a higher fee around $90 – 100. The crankshaft position sensor would only cost you around $100 unless you don’t go for supreme quality.

However, being a bit mechanically educated might help you save cost. This task of replacing this tool can be done in under 30 minutes. It is seen as a simple job only if you can locate the sensor.

In some car models, a crankshaft position sensor is found behind the flywheel. In this scenario, the work increases as you need to remove the entire gearbox before you can locate the sensor.

6 symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor?

If you’re feeling these symptoms arise in your favorite car, make sure to get the crankshaft position sensor checked. Let’s discuss these symptoms in-depth and figure out how to solve them.

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Unnecessary engine vibration

The accurate optimization of the engine disappears if the crankshaft position sensor is not operating efficiently. Due to this, inaccurate readings are transferred to the engine control unit which affects the ignition and fuel timing.

If you keep on riding in the vehicle, while this sign is quite evident, you are just destroying the performance of your car. Your vehicle surely needs some maintenance, and without the crankshaft position sensor functioning properly, it cannot move.

Check engine light

The most common way to deduct this problem is to keep an eye on the engine light. If you realize that lately, your car is not performing at its best, so you need to take it to the repair shop.

However, if you keep on underestimating this severe issue, it might create big trouble for you later on.

Engine performance is affected

In the old model cars, whenever the engine check light appeared, it created a sense of trouble for all the vehicle owners. However, in modern technology cars, you might not see the check engine light even if your car’s crankshaft position sensor isn’t working properly.

As the crankshaft position sensor is transferring wrong values to the engine control unit, it will surely affect the overall performance of the car.

Whenever you wish to accelerate or take the car at its top speed while driving on a highway, the car will not fulfill your demand.

The most important factor is fuel economy. Whenever a crankshaft position sensor becomes faulty, it would affect the car fuel average as well. You might not notice it in the beginning but it will start becoming evident as time passes.

Stalling of engine

If you feel that you are having a bumpy ride and the car is not moving efficiently, there are higher chances that you have a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Whenever wrong indications about the fuel and ignition are being sent out, it will lead the vehicle to stall.

Moreover, lateness might cost you more. For example, after seeing the symptoms you get your car’s crankshaft position sensor replaced. So, there are chances that you discover other faults rising too.

It becomes hard to start your car

Once the ignition signals are completely out of function, your car might take a long time to get started. Moreover, even if it starts, it might break down in the middle of the way.

This happens when the car is showing the check engine light and you have been ignoring it for a while. As no accurate signals are reaching the engine control unit, so surely it would affect this and other features of the car.

Engine misfires

Never take it lightly when the check engine light is on constantly. This might lead to major consequences of your engine misfiring.

If that happens, the damage would be nasty. Instead of waiting and seeing your car going down, get the crankshaft position sensor repaired or replaced.


Every car deserves regular maintenance. It cannot survive without it. Along with keeping other sensors intact, try to keep an eye on the vital crankshaft position sensor.

If you figure out any symptoms mentioned above, take your car to the garage as soon as possible to get this component either repaired or replaced.

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