8 best synthetic oil for your car’s engine

To keep the car running in its supreme form, it is essential to maintain your vehicle’s engine with the best synthetic oil.  To outperform other cars and to produce a valuable mileage in both; low and high temperatures, you need to have the best oil for the engine.

Synthetic oils have always been compared to the conventional oils available in the market. According to many specialists and car enthusiasts, vehicle performance is more or less similar in both conventional and synthetic oil.

However, days have disappeared when drivers used to solely rely on the typical conventional motor oils available in the market. Factors such as impurities, unpredictability, and the toxics involved motivated many car lovers to switch to the best synthetic oil obtainable. Since its birth back in 1997, synthetic oil has captured a major market share due to its superior performance.

On the other hand, some people aren’t much concerned about the motor oils they are running their cars upon. Unless their vehicles aren’t falling apart, they would not mind conventional oil or synthetic oil.

Some factors make synthetic oil different from its competitors which will be mentioned in this article below.

This article will majorly target the difference between conventional and synthetic motor oil and what significant benefits synthetic oil possesses.

Should you use synthetic oil for your cars?

According to a Honda spokeswoman, synthetic oil is preferred over conventional oils. Due to the low viscosity involved in synthetic oil, the engine oil flows at a rapid speed.

Nowadays, every modern car is being run on synthetic oil. However, there are several brands available in the market which don’t require synthetic oil but due to the speed of oil flow it offers, they consider using it. On the other hand, many car owners are using a blend of both; conventional and synthetic oil. Surely, it doesn’t provide all the benefits of the best synthetic oil but it is cheaper in the market.

According to a study back in 2018, the National Oil and Lube News discovered that the majority of car owners are interested in synthetic oil once they arrive to change their vehicle oils.

8 best synthetic oil for your valuable cars

Instead of compromising on money and quality, choose the best products for your vehicle. If you want your car to survive through thick and thin then it is necessary to take care of it in the elite form.

Some of the best synthetic oils are mentioned below for your use. Choose according to your preference;

Shell Rotella full synthetic diesel oil

Do you want to maintain the optimal oil pressure? Shell Rotella is the ideal choice for you. According to specialists, Shell Rotella can help your vehicle to improve its economy by 1.5% and that is a guarantee by the producers.

No one wants to hurt their car engines in a short period. The triple protection plus formula has secret ingredients or additives which help your vehicle to maintain its engine in its supreme condition. It helps the car engine to fight against harmful components such as dirt, soot, and others.

Whether you drive a trailer, tractor, or any vintage diesel car, Shell Rotella will compliment every one of them. Even the heavy pick-up trucks can be handled by this great synthetic oil.


  1. Can fight against destructive containments
  2. Manufactured professionally
  3. Improves the fuel average
  4. Accessible with heavy vehicles


  1. Can only work with vehicles that have diesel engines

Mobil 1 extended performance synthetic motor oil

The precise amounts of additives and due to being engineered with shear stability makes Mobil 1 motor oil a good choice for every car lover.

It is a normal case that the engine starts building up rust and other deposits due to lack of good quality motor oil. If you wish to use this synthetic motor oil, the car won’t complain at all. You don’t need to worry about oil breakdown or oxidation stability, once you’re using Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil.

According to experts, with this motor oil, your car’s engine can survive for a long period. Moreover, if you reside in a country or city where snowfall and low temperature are part of normal routine, Mobil1 synthetic oil is the right choice. In a cold condition, this motor oil will help your vehicle start at a quicker pace when compared to other synthetic oils.


  1. Can heat the engine quickly in low temperature
  2. Reputable brand
  3. Clears the harmful deposits in the engine
  4. Great control over oil breakdown


  1. A few people complain that this oil makes their engine noisier
  2. Might be expensive than its competitors

Royal Purple high-performance synthetic oil

When you consider a good reputation product in the market, Royal Purple synthetic oil is the first name that clicks the consumer’s mind.

If you wish to keep your exhaust system cleared from all the clog and other contaminants, Royal Purple motor oil is the perfect choice for you. Due to its supreme quality, it has an API license and ILSAC oil licenses.

Royal Purple is considered the ideal partner of ethanol.

This synthetic motor oil might be more costly. However, the quality it is providing is on another level and that is the reason it is more expensive than its competitors.


  1. Better fuel efficiency
  2. Complete protection of the catalytic system
  3. Great companion of ethanol
  4. Exceptional wear-protection


  1. Expensive motor oil
  2. Not recommended for daily drivers

Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil

Sometimes the excessive amounts of additives create major impurities in the motor oil. However, Pennzoil claims that their motor oil is exclusive and 99.5% pure from every kind of contamination.

You can be less worrisome about the fuel once your car consumes Pennzoil Platinum synthetic motor oil. According to experts, with this oil, your car can run an excessive of 550 miles.

Drivers who are running turbocharged vehicles are recommended to use this oil as it protects the speed-pre ignition. Moreover, this engine oil can perform in any severe condition; whether it’s hot or cold, this motor oil can adjust.

It is nearly impossible for any oil to keep the pistons 50% clean. However, Pennzoil has gone out of the way to prove its durability and reliability. It has beaten the toughest industry standards and has broken all records.


  1. Works great in extreme temperatures
  2. Can improve the fuel economy
  3. Great for turbo-charged or sports cars


  1. People are not happy with the packaging
  2. Reviews about fuel economy are not satisfying

Mobil 1 high mileage synthetic motor oil

Mobil 1 has always believed in progress. This is the reason this synthetic oil was produced to outperform their previous conventional oils available in the market.

As the car starts getting old, the engine is deteriorating as well. According to specialists, Mobil 1 high mileage motor oil is the best option to prevent any kind of leaks. Moreover, to protect multiple parts or components of your vehicle’s engine, this motor oil is considered an idol.

This synthetic motor oil is offering a mileage of 75,000. You can run your car for good years, without worrying about the engine oil. Furthermore, as time passes, rubber seals start to open up and are leaking. However, the strong wear protection and overall lubrication prevent any kind of mishap.


  1. Amazing alternative to conventional oils
  2. Prevent leaks
  3. Keeps critical engine parts strong
  4. People shared great reviews about it


  1. Might be costly
  2. Limited viscosity options

Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium

The unique selling point about this motor oil is to keep your vehicle running under extremely low temperatures. Being produced in Germany, all the European drivers have a firm belief in this reputable motor oil brand.

Sometimes, due to high and low temperatures, it becomes difficult for the car to perform under such conditions. However, when you use Liqui Moly Synthoil motor oil, it cleans the engine in such a way that no deposits of clog or rust are stuck.

Specialists suggest that if you drive a BMW or a Porsche, then this synthetic oil will work best for you. Instead of looking for alternates, drivers should close their minds to this perfect option for their cars.


  1. The engine is maintained in its best condition
  2. Clears out every tiny particle of dirt, rust, and clog
  3. Strong wear protection
  4. Can fight against extreme temperatures


  1. You might spill while pouring it in your car due to its tricky opener
  2. Only restricted to European vehicles

Castrol GTX Magnatec full synthetic motor oil

Castrol claims to run your engine four times smoother with this motor oil. Well, they knew that if they couldn’t live up to their statement then it would affect their reputation. However, they have a firm belief in their motor oil and you should too.

While developing this motor oil, Castrol has been very intelligent with the molecules that are included in the synthetic oil. They made sure that with the aid of this oil, cars can fight against every possible hurdle which comes in their way.

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle’s engine is operating or not; the engine oil does not leave its place. The good quality molecules are glued to the vital engine parts. This way 75% of the engine is secured once you start warming up the engine.

Moreover, due to its exquisite quality, the engine can last for a longer period.


  1. Keeps the vital engine part smoother and intact
  2. Best for warming up the engine
  3. Meets the international oil standards


  1. Not such great reviews
  2. People have complained that the bottle leaks, once the seal is removed

Valvoline SynPower full synthetic motor oil

The superior varnish and sludge protection have made this synthetic oil a choice for many. Whether you’re driving under a snowfall or heavy rainfall, the engine would not break down at any point.

Moreover, the car doesn’t take long to start under severe weather conditions if you wish to use this synthetic oil. Valvoline is considered a reputable brand in the market and is suggested by many specialists.

Valvoline has produced limited synthetic oils with three major goals – to defeat deposits/clog, heat, and to provide great wear protection. If you wish to purchase a turbocharged vehicle in the future, Valvoline SynPower motor oil is the right choice for you. Instead of destroying the performance of your car while using alternative brands, opt for this engine oil.

For example, all the vehicles that are run in North America are using this motor oil.


  1. Great varnish protection
  2. Recommended for supercharged or turbocharged cars
  3. Improves fuel economy


  1. Some people complain that it is hard to pour it into the car
  2. Experts believe that there are some additives of conventional oil involved


Every car owner is concerned about the oil one is using for their engine maintenance. However, gone are the days when people used to prefer conventional oils. Instead of losing the performance of your vehicle, try to get your hands on the best synthetic oil available in the market.

Don’t compromise on the engine life, rather spend some dollars to keep the engine secured. Let’s hope you can find the best synthetic oil for your car from the above-mentioned options.

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