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Which is the Best Car Oil for your car engine

Which is the Best Car Oil for your car engine

This article will cover all the details and specifics relating to oils that are used in car engines so that you can easily find out the best engine oil for your car.  Heads up, it’s not the oil that you should be concerned about. Firstly, you must consider the model and make of your car before thinking about oils. Of course, good professional mechanics could, off the cuff, suggest which oil is the best for your engine. But let’s assume you want to take things into your own hands. There are a variety of very good oils out there. Don’t think about them as yet.

Every car comes with a car manual, right? Well, that’s where you are going to look for the answer. And you have to take into account the prevailing weather in your area or in which type of weather you will be driving in too. It’s not only dealing with motor oil here.

Your owner’s manual will tell you what level of viscosity the oil should be for your car’s engine, which could be anywhere from 5W30 to 15W40. These numbers are referred to as grades or weights. You have to know through the manual if the oil should be conventional or synthetic. The manual should tell you if you have a gasoline or diesel engine, and this will again determine what type of motor oil is to be used. The oil must protect the engine from high temperatures, wear and tear and from different types of deposits that could clog up the engine parts. Only then you can determine the best car oil for your vehicle. The manual will suggest the best car oil that should be used for your particular engine model.

Some points about oils

Motor oils can be classified by alphanumeric signatures, like 5W30 and 15W40. They are called grades or weights of motor oils. These formats indicate the viscosity level of the oils at a certain temperature level. The “W” stands for winter. The number to the right of the W stands for how much heat it can stand before it starts thinning. While the number to the left of the W stands for at what point the oil will start becoming too thick and stop moving.  The manual will be very specific; which viscosity level is to be used in relation to the weather or temperature conditions.

The manual will most probably tell you when you should check on the oil level in the car. The oil of a car should be filled up or changed or cleaned before refilling the engine with fresh oil after every 3,900 to 4,000 miles of driving or after a 4-month period, whichever comes first.  It should be changed at the least thrice a year; otherwise, your car will start developing mechanical problems.

Back to the main question

Your manual will tell you which oil grade to put in the engine. These oil grades come by different brands. First you have to select the viscosity level specified by the manual. There are 11 viscosity grades to select from for the car.

The best brands providing these grades are Mobil 1, Castrol and Royal Purple. These brands produce the highest quality of motor oils. These oils keep the engine well lubricated and give it a long life span. These oils are intended to be used in cars that have to cover large distances or be used a lot every day.

Which is the best oil for your car? The manual answers that. Don’t just go out and get the best motor oil available in the market. However, any oil is better than no oil. Any type of engine with moving parts always needs some kind of oil.

You can ask the dealer from whom you got the car. They will have a record of the make, model and engine type. They might even have a more detailed handbook on your particular car model. They might straightaway know which would be the best car oil for your car specifically for that season.

This part is easy. What you have to understand is you cannot use the same grade for every season. Which is the best car oil for winter is a thought that might cross your mind. Again consult the manual or get a professional to guide you and you will be in safe waters.


It is hoped you have realized that there is no such thing as the best motor car oil. It all depends on what type of oil your car engine needs that was determined by the engineers who designed the engine. Please do teach other motorists about these specific details when motor oils are the discussion.

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