Service engine soon light blinking: Don’t panic. It’s just an alert

When you buy your car, you would want to keep it in top-notch condition. Imagine a scenario: you are driving your car, and suddenly the service engine soon light appears on the car’s dashboard. It indicates that there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

The purpose of a service engine soon light is to alert you about minor issues that need urgent attention. If not addressed on time, they may become major issues.

Before we get into the comparison between the service engine soon light and check engine light, know that this feature is available in new car models. In many previous models, the check engine light and service engine soon light may be the same.

We advise you not to panic while driving, if you see any light blinking on the dashboard. Keep yourself calm and park your car to check what has gone wrong.

What is the difference between service engine soon light and a check engine light?

If you own a car that comes with both, check engine light and service engine soon light, you will have no difficulty in identifying the difference between the two. Whenever the service engine soon light beeps, it can be yellow or red in color. In most cars, the warnings are highlighted on display with ‘Service Due’ or ‘Service Engine Soon’, ‘Service X’ or ‘Service Y.’ signs. In automatic vehicles, alphabets represent the components that need service on an urgent basis.

As far as the check engine light is concerned, it will indicate that there is a problem with the car’s engine that needs urgent attention. If there is an issue within the engine, the check engine light will blink, and you will notice ‘Check’ written and pointing to the symbol, with ‘Check’ written out underneath of it.

What is the warning behind the service engine soon light?

If you are on a long drive with your friends, and you notice this light blinking, you should know that it’s just a sign that your car needs maintenance service. In modern cars, depending upon the make and the model of your vehicle, the manufacturer tends to set a mileage limit that indicates that some of the components of your car need maintenance. It’s an alert that you must take your car to the service center. The components of the car that may need frequent service, include: air filters, cabin filters, oil service, etc.

Moreover, the blinking of the service engine soon light may also indicate a minor issue with the engine. For example, if the fuel tank’s cap gets loose, the service engine soon light will blink to highlight this issue. Other than this, if your car is running out of fluids, such as coolant and brake fluid, the service engine soon light may blink.

In such a situation, you must follow the below steps, to tackle the situation maturely and easily.

What to do if your car starts beeping service due light?

Before you take any action, know the difference between the two colors of the light. If it is yellow, the issue is relatively minor and you can diagnose by yourself or you may have to pay a short visit to the workshop. However, if the light is red, it indicates a major issue, which means that you must not drive anymore and stop the car at the safest spot to get it towed to the nearest service station.

Now, let’s look at what to do?

Park your car and get your hands on your owner’s manual. You must always keep the owner’s manual in your car, as you may not know when the need arises.

It’s time to open the bonnet of your car and check if all the fluids are up to the mark. Next, check if the cap of the fuel tank is tightened or not. Check your car’s engine. See if it is making any strange noise or not.

If you can’t find out what is wrong with your car manually, then you will have to take it to the workshop to get your vehicle’s trouble code reading. However, if you have an OBD2 scanner, you can do this by yourself. The scanner will scan all the trouble codes and will present them on the screen. If it is showing a minor problem, you can delete the code and check the light. If the light goes off or not. If it does, it means that the code was causing an error and thus the light was blinking.

Once you manage to solve the problem by yourself, you must take your car to a mechanic shop for maintenance service as soon as possible.

How to tackle if the service engine soon light blinks again?

The vehicle trouble code scanner will test all the components of your car. If there still exists an issue in any component, then you must get that component checked by the professional.

Wrap up

Before we conclude this article, we hope that your confusion between the check engine light and service engine soon light is cleared. In this article, we have provided you with detailed information on what to do if you find the service engine soon light blinking.

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