What is the difference between a Honda CRV and HRV? Choose your favorite

Honda CRV and HRV are found as the popular SUVs in North America. However, choosing between a midsize or compact crossover might become a difficult task for you.

The similarity of price and size between the models from the same brand might confuse you whether what to choose. Moreover, the confusion might lead to a drastic decision. Sometimes, people are not clear about their choices and land on something which is far from their preference.

Does every Honda lover ask whether what is the difference between a Honda CRV and HRV? In this article, we will explain how similar-looking SUVs are different from each other. The target audience of both the models is different and both of them are offering a different package.

Let’s find out which model suits you the best.

Body shape/design

Honda CRV: The recent addition of a facelift gives this vehicle a sharper look. Honda CRV is designed for youth and people who are interested in sporty-looking cars.

Honda has made sure to secure the car’s simplicity with L-shaped taillamps. Moreover, the front end of the vehicle has become more consumed now with the addition of a newly designed bumper.

Honda HRV: There’s no doubt in saying that HRV looks similar to the CRV. However, the upright proportion of the car makes it different. It also has a sporty look attached to it, but the rear door handles make it different from the CRV.

The additional features of the rear hatch spoiler and pointy tail lights make it distinguished as well.

Decision line: Both the models have sporty and youthful looks; however, the Honda CRV takes an edge of a mature-looking car. According to experts, Honda CRV would be a firm choice for the older drivers.

Space and comfort

Honda CRV: Being a midsize crossover, there is no doubt in saying that the CRV would be more spacious than the Honda HRV.

Honda CRV can adjust 5 passengers in the car quite comfortably. The legroom of 41.3 inches and the second legroom of 40.4 inches makes it pleasant for the passengers.

This vehicle provides room for 39.2 ft of cargo space.

Honda HRV: The additional feature of magic seats makes it different from the Honda CRV. Being a compact SUV, space is lesser than its similar-looking alternative.

This car can adjust 4 passengers easily. The front legroom is 41.2 inches and the rear legroom is 39.3 inches.

Decision line: More or less, the capacity might look similar to you but the CRV is considered as much spacious. If you want to carry large or big items in your car, then Honda CRV is your go-to option. However, if you want to drive just with your partner, you can surely consider Honda HRV as the safest option.

Fuel economy

Honda CRV: The models produced back in 2016-2018 were not marked satisfactory by the consumers. Moreover, people who are opting for used cars are facing more troubles. However, to resolve the problem, Honda made sure to upgrade the vehicle’s engine system. 

The engine was upgraded to a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The car was supported by both front and all-wheel drive. The fuel average in the upgraded version was improved too.

While you drive your Honda CRV with FWD, so the fuel average will lie between 28 – 34 mpg. Nevertheless, if you want to accelerate your car in snowy weather while using AWD, the fuel average drops to 27 – 33 mpg.

Honda HRV: This car is launched with only one engine of 1.8-litre four-cylinder, offering just single transmission of CVT. Previously, a six-speed manual was offered in all FWD models, however, it was discontinued due to lack of sales in the United States and Canada.

The fuel average ranges from 28 – 34 mpg while you drive with the FWD option. However, it certainly drops to 27 – 31 mpg while you switch to the AWD option.

Decision line: Both vehicles offer a great fuel average. However, if you opt for AWD mostly, you should prefer the CRV. Moreover,  Honda HRV is also efficient and powerful.


Honda CRV: Honda has made sure to develop its vehicle in the most refined form. The 2020 CRV is a complete package for its buyers when it comes to technology. The option of cruise control, lane-keeping assist, braking system, and many other features make this car exquisite.

The 7.0-inch display provides the option of Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto connections. Two separate USB ports are provided too.

Honda HRV: Behind a compact design, HRV is not much behind in the phase of technology. These options of cruise control, lane-assist keeping, auto-braking system, are also available in this model. However, it only starts from the EX-variant.

The feature of the Lane-watch mirror, which is available on the right-side mirror makes it different from the CRV.

Decision line: Both of the vehicles are advanced in terms of technology. However, Honda CRV has certain upgraded features better than HRV.


Whatever car you choose, make sure to do proper research for it. Instead of purchasing a vehicle that does not satisfy your needs is a waste of money.

Let’s hope this article helps you identify what is the difference between a Honda CRV and HRV and makes your decision easy.

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