The bumper cover repair cost of your vehicle

Many auto body shops try to repair the old bumper instead of replacing it, making them more money. The majority of vehicles found on the road have their bumper damaged at least once for primary cosmetic purposes or due to some accident.

Whether rear or front bumper, it is considered the most frequently damaged car’s components, according to experts.  Every year, around 100,000 bumpers are disposed of or replaced.

We all have struggled with the car’s bumper issue. Maybe you were not consciously driving, or it was someone else’s fault, but the bumper got damaged, whatever the case was. Anybody can settle minor collisions with primary paint touch up; however, if you incur a heavy accident, you might have to get this component replaced.

You might be wondering about the bumper cover repair cost. The replacement cost of a damaged bumper would be anywhere between 2000 dollars, including the body parts and the labor.

This article will discuss different types of bumper damage, repairing cost, and replacement cost.

What is a bumper?

A bumper is typically made from aluminum, rubber, steel, and plastic. It is one essential component of the car. Do you want to keep your vehicle secured from harsh speed breakers and hurdles on the road? Bumper will do the job for you.

This component of the car is crafted on the rear and front sides of the vehicle. In some of the states, you cannot drive a car without a bumper. The government imposes penalties or charges on the owner. To keep your vehicle secured from significant damage, always try to have your car’s bumper in the right place. Moreover, make sure it is in a clean condition.

A person who will be interested in purchasing your vehicle will create a perception about the car’s condition by seeing the damages on both the bumpers.

When to get your car’s bumper repaired?

It would help if you weren’t facing severe charges of changing the whole bumper for tiny repairs. In numerous situations, you can get your bumper repaired instead of completely replacing it.

Let’s understand what different kind of bumper damages are and what costs are related to it;

Small dent

When the car is being used, there are higher chances of getting damaged on several occasions. For example, while parking the car, you hit the pole, and your bumper has a dent on it. So, you don’t need to worry much about it, as this issue can be resolved.

The whole process can take up to 3-4 hours, and it would cost you around $250 – 350. A good mechanic will make use of his/her specialized tools to take the dents out.

Moreover, if your car’s bumper has a more significant dent, you will have to consult a professional. Even in this situation, the mechanic can repair the mark and can paint that portion separately.

Small cracks

Just like human bones, even the car’s bumper can incur minor fractures. However, a professional mechanic can fix this issue by plastic filter and smoothly bring it in the correct position.

After the filler becomes dry, the mechanic paints that specific part.

On the other hand, many experts suggest that if the bumper has a major crack, you should replace it. A significantly damaged bumper can lose its power on the car. It won’t be able to save the car if any significant incident occurs.

Paintless dent repair

Due to the car parts being repaint, the car value decreases. Whoever wills to purchase your car will surely ask about the repaint components of your vehicle.

PDR is a process in which the dent is taken out with smooth methodology, without painting that specific part of the bumper. The aid of specialized tools and a little bit of heat can get you rid of significant dents on your car’s bumper. It can be brought to its original condition.

The whole procedure can take up to 2 hours and will cost you around $150 – 250.

Holes and punctures

As the car is aging, the bumper starts to wear off with holes and punctures. However, new technology can cope up with this challenge.

The damaged area is smoothly dried, and then a strong material is used to patch up that specific area. Once the disfigured area is fixed, the mechanic paints it.

This whole process can take up to 3-4 hours and will cost you around $325 – 425.

If you drive an old vehicle

Due to the time passage, body parts of the vehicle are hard to be found in the market. Therefore, most likely, if the technician or mechanic is unable to locate it so he/she will replace it.

Moreover, if your car’s bumper is damaged severely, you need to get it repaired as no other alternative is available in the market. So, while you drive an old model, you need to be extra efficient on the road.

In what situations should you replace the bumper?

Sometimes, the car’s bumper is not easy to be repaired, and the professionals suggest that it be changed. Instead of saving money, you should invest in a new bumper. This way your car will be secured, and you will be held from any high future costs.

It would help if you replaced the bumper in these scenarios;

Severe cracks on the bumper

If the condition is upgraded from minor dents to the principal, so you should consider changing your car’s bumper.

Unbearable repairing cost

While you drive a luxurious car, make sure that you can afford its maintenance as well. For example, if Mercedes Benz’s bumper is damaged, the repair cost will be extremely high. So, instead of repairing it, get yourself a new one.

Falling on the road

Sometimes, due to constant damages, the bumper loses its marks and keeps on detaching from the car if that’s the scenario, so you should consider replacing it.

How much does it cost to replace a bumper?

According to experts, a mediocre car’s bumper can be changed within $400. Car mechanics usually charge up to $140 per hour, and that doesn’t include the repainting cost.

So, if the whole process takes up to 5 – 6 hours and with the inclusion of material, the replacement cost would be $800 – 1900.


How much bumper cover repair cost? No one wants to bear heavy charges in maintaining their vehicle. However, lack of maintenance can cause significant issues for every car. Bumpers are essential for every car, so instead of compromising on them, get them repaired or replaced after inspecting the situation.

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