What is the Best Car Insurance Company and How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The average price of auto insurance differs from driver to driver. It depends on your driver profile (age, length of license, the existence of claims), the type of car in your possession (mileage, mode of parking, the use made of it), but also the guarantees you need (the breakdown of ice, natural disasters, legal assistance, etc.).

To find auto coverage at the best price, the best method is still to compare the offers available on the market.

For insurance companies, young drivers are charged more, due to their lack of driving experience, present an aggravated risk on the road. As a result, their car contract is on average more expensive than that of “normal” drivers.

There is no car coverage specifically intended for young drivers.

You must therefore subscribe to classic insurance (third party, intermediate), which will have been increased to compensate for your status as an “at-risk” driver and its guarantees will be limited. But you can also subscribe to certain optional guarantees to better cover yourself and control your budget. You can also use the services of an agent, who will compare the auto contracts on the market for you so that you can take out coverage at the best quality/price ratio.

How much does car insurance cost?

The contributions for auto insurance contract are calculated based on a multitude of criteria; details of which you will help you find, what is the best car insurance company:

Your vehicle

The more powerful it is, the higher your contribution will be. Likewise, the higher the value of your vehicle, the higher your annual premium will be.

Your geographical area of circulation

The price of your car insurance will not be the same. The more risks your locality presents (road accident, theft, damage, etc.), the more you pay.

The use made of your vehicle: private trip, home-work trip, business trips. The more you use your vehicle, the more your insurance will cost you.

Parking method

Enclosed collective parking, public road, or open parking. If your parking method is secure, the less this will have a positive impact on the price of your car premium.

The mileage of your vehicle

The lower the mileage carried out during the year, the lower the premium will be.

Your age

Young people are, according to statistics, the cause of more accidents. Auto insurance, therefore, costs more for them.

The age of your license: new drivers are subject to an additional premium which may be reduced in the event of learning through accompanied driving.

Occasional or exclusive driving

if you choose the exclusive driving of the vehicle, you will have a lower premium. In the event of an accident involving another driver, he will then have to pay an excess.

Ways to reduce the price of your car insurance

In recent years, insurers have developed solutions allowing you to reduce your premium. Here are a few examples to see your auto insurance quote go down:


Your contribution may be reduced if you agree not to exceed a certain mileage during an insurance year (8,000 km or 10,000 km flat rate for example). On motorcycles, some insurers will offer you a reduction in the event of limited driving during the year (no driving during the winter months, for example).

The vehicle

Some insurers will offer you targeted offers depending on your vehicle (4 × 4, minivan, old cars, used cars, etc.). These offers can, in certain cases, prove to be interesting. Do not hesitate to compare them to standard offers which, stripped of certain unnecessary options, can prove to be less expensive.

The driver

New drivers (less than 3 years of insurance) see their contributions increased by an additional premium. Some insurers reduce the premium after one year without a claim, reduce or eliminate it in the event of accompanied driving, or if your children (or even your grandchildren) are insured in the same company as you.


“Pay as you drive” The principle is simple: a box connected to a GPS is placed in your vehicle and records information on the route, speed, driving hours. This data will be used to calculate your insurance contribution. These offers generally offer a price per kilometer associated with an annual subscription package and a billing limit (beyond a certain number of kilometers, additional kilometers are no longer billed). In some cases, you can also ask your employer to cover your mileage costs. Double way to save money!

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