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What Happens If You Put Sugar in a Gas Tank

What Happens If You Put Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Some people accidentally put sugar in a gas tank and some try to do an experiment to find out what happens if you put sugar in a gas tank. If you are not concerned about your vehicle and its parts getting damaged in any way, you can experiment with it on your personal vehicle. But it is recommended not to do this experiment if you have a brand new luxury car because there are indirect side effects of this act.

This guide provides you with detailed information about what happens when someone puts sugar in a gas tank. The problems caused by this act have also been discussed. You will also come to know how you can remove the sugar from a gas tank so that you could avoid future problems. Some people think that it is a myth that your vehicle’s engine gets damaged if you put sugar in the gas tank.

What Happens If You Put Sugar in a Gas Tank?

When you put sugar in a gas tank, the crystals of sugar get stuck in the filters. You may know that sugar does not dissolve in gas as it gets dissolved in water. The crystals of sugar remain solid on the surface of gasoline. Thus, these crystals can block the air filters and fuel filters due to which the engine finds it difficult to start the vehicle.

Many people say that it is a myth that if you put a sugar bank in your gas tank, the fuel will turn into a sugary petroleum mess which in turn affects your vehicle’s engine and blows it. Some people do not believe it because the sugar crystals do not dissolve in gasoline and stay there in granular form. We have not ever seen a case where an engine has been destroyed or damaged due to sugar in the gas tank.

Why is a Problem Caused Due To Sugar?

As we know, sugar does not get dissolved in gas and pour into the gas tank. It in turn gets stuck in the fuel lines of your vehicle and starts clogging up the important and major parts of the fuel system of your vehicle’s engine. The sugar crystals can also result in disabling the fuel filter by blocking it. The fuel injectors and fuel pump can also get disabled due to the excessive amount of sugar-loaded in the gas tank.

The fuel flow is blocked by the sticky ball of sugar that can make it difficult for your vehicle’s engine to start. You should know that repairing the engine is very expensive as you may also have to get it replaced with a new one if it cannot be repaired and has been damaged badly.

It is important to clean the fuel tank completely to get rid of sugar crystals to avoid future problems. The fuel lines must also be replaced or flushed out to let them work efficiently. So, the addition of sugar in a gas tank does not directly affect the engine but it affects the associated parts badly making it difficult for the engine to run.

Effects on Fuel Filters

The fuel filters are blocked when you put sugar in the gas tank. It is like putting sand in water. We know that the sand does not dissolve in water and results in creating a hard material instead. This hard material can block any path or pipeline. Just like that, the sugar crystals in a gas tank act like a blockage system that does not let the fuel pass and let the engine work properly.

Sugar is denser than gasoline that’s why some granules cannot make their way to the filters. The sugar crystals do not reach the engine because there is a fabric-like filter present around the fuel pump that does not let these crystals reach the engine and damage it.

When someone puts sugar in your gas tank and you remove the tank for cleaning it, you will see the sugar crystals are collected at the bottom. No doubt, they do not damage the engine but they clog the in tank filters and prevent the fuel from flowing properly and efficiently which is directly linked with the performance of your vehicle.

Removing Sugar From the Gas Tank

You can remove sugar from a gas tank by replacing the fuel filter. It is because all the sugar crystals are collected in the fuel filter that blocks the passage of the fuel. If you have poured the entire bag of sugar into the gas tank, you must take your car or any other vehicle to a professional mechanic. The professionals know well how to remove the sugar or other hazardous particles from the gas tank.

You can also perform this task yourself if you know about the right techniques, methods, and tools to use. You can also get the help of a friend or family member who has some knowledge regarding removing sugar from a gas tank. You should remove the gas tank from your car for cleaning it. If you hire a mechanic for this purpose, it will cost you about 200 dollars to 300 dollars.

How The Engine Can Be Destroyed?

No doubt, it is a myth that sugar cannot directly damage the engine but in some exceptional cases, the sugar can damage the engine directly when a large amount of sugar is added to the engine. The sugar can build up valves and piston rings in the engine and damage it directly along with damaging the fuel injectors, pumps, and filters.

When too much mess is created by sugar in the engine, you will have to install a new engine instead of repairing it. But if have the latest and most modern vehicle, there are fewer chances that your engine will get damaged because these vehicles have sophisticated and remarkable fuel filter systems that can prevent different types of particles from reaching the engine.

Moreover, the most dangerous thing for your vehicle’s engine other than sugar is water. If you put water in the sugar tank, the engine will get damaged in no time. It is because the engine requires fuel for combustion which is not possible if water is there. So, sugar is not the worse thing that can happen to a gas tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can sugar damage your car’s gas tank?

The gas tank is not damaged due to putting sugar in it but the associated parts are affected badly like fuel filters, fuel injectors, etc. that are blocked due to sugar crystals and avoid passing the fuel from it.

2. What happens when you put sugar in a gas tank?

When you put sugar in a gas tank, the sugar crystals get stuck in the fuel filters making it difficult for the engine to run.

3. What is worse for a gas tank, water or sugar?

Water is worse than sugar for a gas tank because the water affects the combustion system badly which in turn does not let the engine work properly.

4. Can you remove sugar from a gas tank?

Yes, you can remove sugar from a gas tank by cleaning it completely. It is necessary to remove the gas tank from your vehicle to get it cleaned efficiently.

5. How much does it cost to clean a gas tank?

It costs about $200 to $300 if you hire a professional mechanic for cleaning the gas tank. But it could cost you more if there is a lot of mess in the gas tank and its associated parts.

6. Can the engine get damaged due to putting sugar in a gas tank?

No, the engine is not directly damaged by putting sugar in a gas tank because the sugar cannot reach the engine due to the presence of filters. The filters do not let the impurities and debris enter the engine and damage it. But the engine can get damaged directly if the filters are clogged and the fuel line is blocked.


We cannot say that a person pours a bag of sugar into a gas tank accidentally because it is a very silly mistake to make. It can be assumed that an angry person can do this to damage your vehicle for any purpose. When someone puts sugar in your vehicle’s gas tank, it would be best if you take it to a professional mechanic to get this issue fixed as soon as possible before it damages the fuel filters or any other part associated with the engine.

If you do not fix it on time, you may have to replace the engine which is more costly than repairing it. For your information, sugar is not more dangerous to your vehicle’s engine as compared to water affecting the combustion process.

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