What Does White Spark Plugs Mean

A spark plug can be defined as a plug that is made up of an insulator that plays a vital role in igniting the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber. We can say that it provides the power to your vehicle to get started. If the right amount of power is not being supplied to your vehicle, you will see that it has started transmitting the heat away from the combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine.

You may have seen that your vehicle’s spark plugs’ color has been transformed to white. Do you wonder what does white spark plugs mean? Do you want to know the reason behind this happening? If yes, you have visited the right source. Here you can get detailed information about the white spark plugs and the reasons why this spark plug turns into white. Plus, you will also come to know how to maintain the performance of your spark plug.

What is a White Spark Plug – Why does it change the color?

Let us first discuss what is a white spark plug. You will see a white spark plug tip when the spark plug is burned. There may be a lot of reasons behind this happening such as overheating of the engine, improper mixing of the air and fuel, incorrect ignition timing, and many other reasons.

It would be best if you keep checking your vehicle’s spark plug so that any future problem could be avoided. It is also recommended to get your vehicle checked by a professional at least once a month so that you could find the issues with your vehicle and spark plugs timely and fix them as soon as possible.

If the spark plug has been turned to white color, you must replace it with a new and quality spark plug. When you notice the spark plug has turned white, you must know that there is something wrong with your vehicle that is letting the plug run too hot. In this situation, you must get your vehicle’s engine checked and fix the issue immediately to avoid any future problem with your vehicle.

Reasons of White Spark Plugs – Plug story

You should know that there are different reasons why a spark plug turns red. We have already mentioned some of these reasons above. In this section, we will explain these reasons in detail and will let you know how you can solve these problems. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go through this section to enhance your knowledge.

1. Low-Quality Fuel

You will see white chalky spark plugs in your vehicle if you use low-quality fuel in it. Using low- and poor-quality fuel affects the operation of your engine badly and also results in damaging your engine. The use of low-quality fuel can also damage your catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

It is recommended to you use high-quality fuel to let your vehicle’s engine work properly and enhance its performance. If you have accidentally poured low-quality fuel in it, it would be best if you refill the tank with high-quality fuel. Plus, you should also remove the old spark plugs and install new ones for resolving this issue.

2. Broken Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs of your vehicle are broken, you will see white deposits on spark plugs. The spark plugs can get broken if you drive your vehicle at a very fast speed and at rough surfaces. Moreover, if the spark plugs get improper heat, they can get damaged. Improper torque also results in affecting the performance of the spark plugs and can also result in breaking them.

So, if the spark plugs are worn out, you will see that the performance of your engine is affected badly and the spark plugs have turned white. The only solution to this problem is to replace the existing spark plug with a new one. You can also try putting quality fuel in your engine but the best solution to a broken spark plug is to remove it and install a new one.

3. Unstable Mixture of Air-Fuel

The color of the spark plugs changes to white when there is an unstable mixture of air and fuel. Let us tell you that your engine cannot work under some optimal parameters. You need to check different factors and things associated with your vehicle’s engine and its performance.

It is important for you to check the injectors, intake tightness, and some sensors installed in your vehicle. These sensors may include a MAP sensor, crankshaft sensor, and camshaft position sensor. All these parts of your vehicle can also get damaged due to an unstable mixture of air and fuel.

How To Check Spark Plugs’ Performance?

If you want to avoid the issue of white spark plugs, it is recommended to keep checking your vehicle’s spark plug. Moreover, you should also keep the spark plugs maintained so that you could prevent serious problems. Now, we will tell you how to check the performance of your spark plugs.

For this purpose, you need a spark plug wrench and a flashlight. A flashlight is needed so that you could look at the spark plug closely and check its color. You should also keep wipes with you so that you could clean the spark plugs before removing them. The wipes are also needed for covering the spark plugs for testing them.

It will not take a lot of time to complete this task but the total time to be spent depends upon the model of your vehicle. It is because you need to remove the high-voltage wires first from your spark plugs along with the individual coils. You need a screwdriver or a socket wrench for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do white spark plugs mean?

A white spark plug means that there is something wrong with your vehicle, engine or any other part that is making the spark plug run hot.

2. What is the color of a normal spark plug?

The common color of a normal spark plug is light grey or light tan.

3. What to do if there are white deposits on the spark plugs?

If there are very few white deposits on the spark plugs then you can clean them and reuse them. But if the build-ups are thick and the white deposits are available in a large amount, you need to replace them.

4. Why a spark plug becomes white?

A spark plug becomes white due to overheating of the engine, use of low-quality fuel, broken spark plug, and many other reasons. The best solution is to replace the spark plug with a new and quality one.

5. What is needed to clean a spark plug?

You need sanitary plaque removers, vinegar, orthophosphoric acid solution, and solvents like acetone, kerosene, gasoline, etc. to clean a spark plug.


We all know that all the vehicles have a spark plug installed in them. Plus, we are also aware that nothing lasts forever. Everything in the world has an expiry date or it gets damaged due to some reason. Similarly, the spark plugs can also get damaged due to the passage of time or due to some other reasons.

When the spark plug gets damaged or there is any other issue with it, you will see that its color is changed. If it has turned white, it means there is something that it making your spark plug run too hot. It also results in affecting the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

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