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What does Ford powertrain warranty cover

What does Ford powertrain warranty cover?

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” – Henry Ford.

Car manufacturers typically provide car owners with a powertrain warranty, and Ford is no exception. But what actually is powertrain, and what’s protected under the powertrain warranty coverage? In this article, you will learn about what does Ford powertrain warranty cover?

Every new Ford vehicle comes with a comprehensive factory warranty for three years or 36,000 miles of distance covered, whichever comes first.

Many people tend to misinterpret the warranty provisions, especially the ones that are meant to provide Ford powertrain coverage. To get a clear idea about the Ford powertrain warranty coverage, you should read the article in full.

What does Ford powertrain warranty cover?

The powertrain consists of the parts that essentially provide power to your car’s wheels. These components include the engine, transmission, driveshafts, transfer case for all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles, differentials, suspension, and constant velocity joints, as well as the internal parts of the engine, such as the crankshaft, pistons, timing belt and gears, intake and exhaust valves, and the oil pump, among other items. If any of the components get damaged due to any reason, including but not limited to accident, harsh weather conditions, negligence, etc., you can use Ford’s powertrain warranty coverage to your advantage.

Ford’s powertrain warranty is covered under the extended warranty for a five-year period or 10,000 kilometers distance covered, whichever comes first. The powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, transfer case, driveshafts, axles, differentials, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive.

Ford offers you the powertrain warranty coverage in two ways. If you have or are about to buy a Ford vehicle, you’ll not need to worry about your powertrain malfunctioning for five years or till you have covered 60,000 miles while driving. For Ford 150 or a Ford SUV, you’ll get a factory warranty that provides coverage for five years or 100,000 miles of distance covered, whichever comes first.

To sum it up, the powertrain warranty offered by Ford just covers up the components of the car that are meant to provide power to the wheels of the car.

There are certain conditions where the warranty may not cover the damages to your car. Have you ever thought about what will happen if the Ford powertrain warranty expires? Well, you will have to pay a hefty cost for your car’s maintenance and service. Therefore, we suggest you get an extended warranty. Why? Well, because it is better to be safe than being sorry.

Having an extended warranty, you can protect your car even after the standard warranty period ends.

Don’t forget that your Ford’s warranty ain’t all inclusive. It means that if the powertrain section of your car has got damaged due to accidents, theft or vandalism, fire, alterations to the vehicle, misuse to the vehicle, environmental conditions, such as hail or snowstorm, unfortunately Ford will not cover up the costs.

Also, never forget that while claiming your powertrain warranty, you will need to submit a proof that you have taken a good care of your car. Therefore, you should keep the receipts and documents that you get whenever you take your car to a service station for maintenance.

Remember that Ford’s powertrain warranty is completely transferable. So, if you decide to sell your car, for whatever reason, you can transfer the warranty to the person who is buying your car.

All in all, defects caused by default can be costly, so any residual compensation can be extremely beneficial in case your car is damaged for whatever reason maybe. Also, Ford has a warranty tailored especially to diesel engines that remains valid for a longer time as compared to the standard powertrain warranty. Ford’s roadside assistance warranty stays valid for the same time as that of the powertrain warranty, so, this proves to be a plus point.

Final words

Buying a Ford powertrain warranty is an important decision for many car owners. However, the ultimate decision comes down to your budget. Before opting for a powertrain warranty, you should consult your dealer and check your budget. If your is damaged, and you have got a valid Ford powertrain warranty, don’t wait for a pricey repair. Protect your car with Ford warranty and get a well-deserved peace of mind.

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