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What does a Throttle Body Spacer do to increase Engine Horsepower

What does a Throttle Body Spacer do to increase Engine Horsepower?

Are you thinking of ways to boost air velocity, give your car a better function, and have an uptick in atomization? If so, then a throttle body space is the right option for you to learn about! A throttle body spacer is an add-on to your vehicle and a great addition that allows an acceleration of horsepower in your car. 

It’s an instrument that can aid your car by getting improved performance and practical results. It also offers better combustion in cars due to the spiral flow that emerges from a throttle body spacer. They definitely might not be the rave of the 21st century, and not everyone with a vehicle is talking about it, but it does produce reliable results and is capable of enhancing performance just by a metal ring. It’s the throttle body spacer’s simplicity and scientific application of the spacer that gives it a more appealing touch.

Therefore, throttle body spacers are an investment for many buyers to give their cars a little upgraded tweak, but the question regarding its authenticity remains. Are they worth the money in real life? Many car devotees are still doubtful about throttle body spacers since they are not produced by car manufacturers and throttle body spacers are sold usually through attractive marketing strategies. 

No one wants to make a bad investment which they will regret later, so do learn about throttle body spacers in detail before going ahead with your decision. This article will overlook throttle body spacers in-depth, explaining to you their purpose, functions, and pros and cons as well. All in all, you can’t decide whether you want it or not, without knowing what does a throttle body spacer do.

What is exactly a Throttle Body?

You can’t go ahead to discuss throttle body spacers without knowing what a throttle body is. Essentially, a throttle body is a mechanism of your car that works while we push on the gas pedal. Once a car driver pushes the pedal, the throttle body opens a valve which is termed the throttle plate. This causes airflow circulation to the engine while the driver continues pressing on the acceleration pedal. This also provides more airflow toward the combustion chamber, leading to an enhanced REM and power output. 

It is important to note that the impact of the throttle body is different on different types of engines. The force of the throttle body forms a vacuum inside carbureted engines, that discharges fuel, which combines with the air in the throttle body. 

On electronic fuel-based engines, there is a sensor installed in the car which signals the car to release more fuel, this is estimated by how much you are pressed on the gas pedal, the longer and harder the driver presses, the more fuel would be released. A throttle body has a vital objective in the performance of the engine in a car and it is responsible for how well the engine works as well. No matter what type of engine your car has, a throttle body is a necessary element that allows your car to know how much fuel to release based on the quantity of air released by pressing the pedal. 

The throttle body of every car varies from one other, but throttle body spacers can be used in all of them, giving out the same output.

The design of an Intake Manifold.

It is crucial to recognize what an intake manifold is and its design in a car to understand ‘what does a throttle spacer do’. 

The intake manifold is the combustion cylinders, and the place the air is taken from through the throttle body and distributed into the car. This is basically where the air is combined with the fuel causing an explosion that forces the pistons and eventually your car. 

Previously, it’s mentioned that the valve opens to let the air flow in, but what about when it closes? This is where a wave is created with the closing that can either go in with the opening of the valve again or get segregated by the variable intake manifolds in terms of the pace of airflow. A throttle body spacer’s role is similar to the variable intake manifold, as it also increases turbulence.

What is the Throttle Body Spacer’s purpose?

A throttle body spacer is a piece of metal that can alter the airflow into the intake manifold. This spacer is placed on the backside of the throttle body and takes the role of a gasket between the intake and throttle body. This placement of metal rings efficiently extends the intake manifold, generating a little amount of additional space for air.

This additional space for air allows the high-pressure air flows from the waves to have a place to adjust and increase turbulence in this way. Although the space isn’t large it is effective enough to increase airflow and a smooth transition of the airflow, making the engine perform better.

Differently Shaped Throttle Body Spacer

The differently shaped throttle body spacers are there due to the change in the car models and the needs of the body. Some throttle body spacers are aimed to produce a mini hurricane inside the manifold with a denser and higher amount of air pressure exactly needed to produce the high power energy.

But whether the different throttle body spacers with a smoother air pressure production are better or not, resides in the opinion of experts.

Typically, people who go for the hurricane throttle body spacers are demanding the same techniques as the people who demand hood scoops and superchargers. On the other hand, people with smooth throttle body spacers are conflicting with the science behind effects spoilers.

Which one are you depending on the preference but it is likely impossible to figure out which kind of throttle body spacers are best as both provide approximately the same results. Whether or not they provide robust air pressure through a whirlpool, they perform exactly what your vehicle needs.

Throttle Kits

Many throttle kits have spacers in them. These kits help you customize your throttle experience for your riding conditions. These kits are easy to install in any vehicle and enhance the performance of your vehicle.

This is one of the most inexpensive ideas to increase the level of torque and power of any motor. You can easily increase torque by 25 ft-lbs and horsepower by 18 HP just by installing one of these kits. But you have to see its compatibility with your vehicle’s engine. Not all throttle kits are compatible with every engine, so make sure that the kit you choose will work best to enhance the performance of your engine.

Pros of a Throttle Body Spacer

  • Increases horsepower
  • increases the airflow which leads to an increase in atomization. 
  • can improve combustion. 
  • increases performance with certain engines 
  • This gradual flow into the intake ports increases the possible torque response. 
  • gives the engine some rest
  • inexpensive and easy to install

Cons of a Throttle Body Spacer

  • not made by car manufacturers
  • causes reduction in torque if the engine is small
  • might have to adjust runner length to fit the spacer

Are Throttle Body Spacers worth it?

The throttle body spacer is a small part that can play a big role in improving your car’s engine performance and increasing turbulence as well. Going through what a throttle body spacer does can make you understand its importance more vividly. Although it may look like a small thing to emphasize, its benefits speak for themselves. However, it is a big investment to purchase a small piece of metal but it all comes down to your preferences, type of engine, and what improvements you would prefer in your car. The decision to buy a throttle body spacer depends entirely on what you desire to enhance in your car and the engine’s performance. 


From the above discussion, you may now know what does throttle body spacer do. The decision to buy a throttle body spacer depends entirely on what you desire to enhance in your car and the engine’s performance. However,  many times when you need modifications,  your vehicle requires to tune in a way that it performs efficiently. But installing throttle body spacers doesn’t compel you to make additional changes just to adjust them in your vehicle. Although it can largely affect the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, enhance your vehicle’s performance by installing a throttle body made for your engine and enjoying every ride.

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