What are hood pins and how to install them?

Hood pins are placed on the hoods of racing cars and can be easily installed if properly drilled. But why do they exist? Are they really necessary for your racing car or any other vehicle and how you can plug hood pins in your car? If these questions have surrounded you, then keep reading. Moreover, we will also give you a list of top hood pins available in the market. In case, if you feel the need, you can check out one of the given options and get it for yourself.

Moving back to the questions, let’s start with the most important and necessary question.

What are hood pins?

Hood pins keep your hood in place. These are like any other additional car component for example blind spot mirrors, etc. It is usually attached to the car’s hood to ensure that the car’s hood doesn’t open suddenly while driving at speed and impairs the visibility of a driver.

Often racers face hood latch issues while they race with high-speed cars causing impaired visibility that can lead to serious and even fatal accidents.

There could be myriad reasons for it to occur. One of them could be a mechanical fault, which caused the latch to lose its hold and as a result, the hood cover would pop out while you were driving.

Regardless of the reason why your hood latch has stopped working, you can be super cautious and ensure that your car’s hood doesn’t pop out while driving, causing fatal accidents by adding hood pins.  

One of the best examples of how hood pins can come in handy is Jason Scudellari’s Nova 1963.  There wasn’t enough room to mend the broken hood latch so hood pins were installed as a solution.

If you are also planning to add hood pins, then know that it is not a huge task to carry out. Instead, the process to install hood pins is similar for every car as it is an additional component.

To ease the hood pins installation process for you, below we have jotted down all the relevant information along with a step-by-step guide.

How to install hood pins?

As of now, you are aware of what hood pins are. Now as we move forward with the installation process, know that you must follow the below guide meticulously for a successful installation. If any step is missed, it can hamper the proper installation, giving a window for unfortunate circumstances.

First things first, look below to know what equipment you need to carry out the process.

 Things you will need:

  • Drill
  • Bastard file
  • Eye protection
  • Drill bit
  • Marker
  • Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Ratchet
  • Small socket set
  • Silicon or grease
  • Small wrench set
  • Masking or painter’s tape

Safety Precautions

As for the things, if you lack anything, you can get it online, or you can purchase it from any nearby place.

Before starting the process, ensure that you wear your protective gear. Don’t take it lightly, because if you fail to do so, you can harm yourself in multiple ways.

Let’s say, your car’s hood is made of fiberglass. So when you start drilling, it is possible that the microparticles of the glass may fly into your eyes or you may be exposed to hand allergies. Apart from that, you may inhale those particles and that can result in diseases and ill health. Therefore, taking safety precautions is the utmost important step to take before you start with the work.

Once you ensure that you have taken the safety measures into account, now follow the below steps.

The procedure

  • Open your car hood, symmetrically mark the exact location of 6 inches from all sides ensuring the place where you exactly want your hood pins to be drilled.
  • Carefully drill the metal or glass frame of the hood keeping the safety precautions so your hood pin may easily pass through.
  • Put your threaded hood pin through the holes you just drilled and hand tighten them firmly.
  • Adjust the height of the hood pins once you place them.
  • Do this by putting the pin from the inside of your hood. Install the provided nut in the kit, carefully set the pin on the hole of the hood, and put on silicone or grease that will allow you to mark the holes where you drill your next. Once the pin is installed, dab a good amount of silicon or grease on the pin.
  • Install the connected wire at the counter pin, to ensure that everything is in its place.
  • Put the nuts and bolts in place making sure that they are tight enough. Install cotter pins but avoid them putting halfway through.

After completing this seven-step process, you can take a sigh, as you have installed your hood pins successfully. The ease or difficulty of the process depends on the quality of the hood pins you choose. Plus, if you cannot settle with mediocre aesthetics, you need good options for good quality and aesthetically pleasing options. Worry not because we have listed down some of the best options below. 

Best quality hood pins

1. Sukemichi JK Hood Latch for Jeep

Sukemichi hood pins are known for their special grip feature. These hook latches not only look aesthetically pleasing but would also fit amazingly. The hook latches are insanely protective that nobody can open them without the keys. The locking feature adds a sense of security to your vehicle. It is also rust-resistant, made of high-quality material with 100% aluminum metal, durable and the original latches keep it intact for a long time so it will not fall off again and again.

2. Sukemichi JL Hood Latch kit for 2018-2021 Jeeps

An upgraded version of the latch lock provides safety when you drive at speed. The versatility of the hood pins makes it even easier to fit perfectly on rubicon and Sahara wranglers 2019-2021. The locking feature keeps the hood in place, increasing the security of the vehicle. 

Easy to install, needs no drilling, rust-resistant and the high-quality aluminum makes it even sought-after for your vehicle.

3. Rampage Product 76337 Black Hood Catch Kit

Rampage locking hood pin works for every vehicle by reducing hood flutters during high speed. If you are worried about hood latches, then keeping the installing the black catch kit will save you from any unfortunate misadventure.

The black powdered coating keeps the stainless steel safe from rust. Comes with locks and keys to provide safety to your vehicle.

4. AeroCatch 125-2100 Below panel flush locking hood latch and Pin Kit – Black

Super classy Aerocatch flush locking hood latch can be easily installed in any vehicle to provide extra safety. They are used as an alternative to the hood pins by mounting under the hoods. As they are clean and not too exposed to your hoods keeping your view clear and concise. The non-corrosive material is made from thermoplastic which is strong enough to hold your hoods on lace while you drive down the track at full speed.

5. Station Quick Latch Hood Pins Universal 2 Pack 2.44”

It is equally important to prevent your hood from vibrating while you use a hood pin before driving. Comes with an easy installation guide, giving your car a new stylish appearance from the elegant look of the hood pin. Made from high-quality aluminum with anti-corrosion properties. A universal fit for every vehicle with the prevention of hood flying. Available in three colors with a diameter of 2.44”/62mm.

6. Bolt 7026128 JK Jeep Wrangler Hood lock

If collecting several keys in your keyring bothers you, then this hood pin lock is for you. Easily opened up from your ignition panel preventing you from keeping additional keys for your car hood. Rivets easily fit into the hood in the existing holes and prevent additional effort for installation. The super-strong material keeps your things safe from theft. Stainless steel material keeps the moisture and dirt away. The tumbler plate sidebar keeps the hood from bumping and vibrating. Light metal with a weight of 1.89 pounds’ fits perfectly in the hoods of any model vehicle.

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