Why Are My Car Windows Fogging Up Inside When Parked?

Here’s why the inside of your car is fogging up when you park it, followed by seven definite answers.

Why Does Your Car Inside Fog Up When Parked?

When the air in your car fails to hold the quantity of water, and reacts with a cold surface it fogs up the interior. Here's how you can fix or defog it.

Switching On the Heater

Heating your car's interior in winter keeps the temperature above the dew point, where the highly-humid air condenses to gas and fogs up the interior.


Switching Off the AC

Because AC makes the air in your car moisture-rich, the temperature inside reaches the dew point, fogging up the interior. You can fix it by turning off the AC.


Sliding Down the Windows

Your car's interior would match the temperature outside the vehicle, ultimately diminishing the fog on the windows and windshield.


The Fresh Air Mode

Triggered by the same button on your dashboard, this feature lets the outside air into your car, which, as you know, levels up the temperature and defogs the interior.


If You have a Demister

You can turn it on and let it direct the exhausted warm air produced by the AC to the windscreen and windows, defogging the interior without turning the AC off.


Turn On the Defroster

Pressing the defrost button on your dashboard would warm your windshield and windows with electricity from your car, allowing them to stay defogged for longer.


Keeping Your Car From Wet Items

Bringing wet items into your car makes the air inside moisture-heavy, forcing it to reach the dew point and ultimately fog up its interior.


The Pack Up

All these solutions prevent your car’s inside from getting fogged up and you from ruining your good morning’s mood. Happy defogging.



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