Why Does My Car Pull to The Right When I Let Go of The Wheel?

Following are the seven potential reasons why your car pulls to the right, and they are not what you think.

1- Tire Coincity

Tire coincity, a manufacturing fault, inflates your tire to roll like a cone on the road, which causes your vehicle to shift to the steeper side. It can be repaired under warranty.

2- Air Pressure

Uneven air pressure causes resistance to steering. If the tires on the right are under-inflated, they will lead to a natural pull to the respective side, in this case, to the right. 

3- Worn Out Suspensions

If you feel an instant steer to the right upon pressing the brakes or slowing down your car, you need to get your suspensions checked, as your vehicle may nosedive.

4- Poorly Aligned Tires

If your car shifts to the right upon letting go of the steering wheel, you should know the tires are poorly aligned, causing you to grip the steering wheel even tighter.

5- Torque Steer

The engine torque of your car may influence your vehicle to steer to the right if you are accelerating harder. You can fix it by maintaining the air pressure and wheel alignment.

6- Tire Rotation

Replacing the front wheels with those at the rear might not match each other's position, and as a result, it may cause your vehicle to shift to the right.

7- Tread Design

Tires of different tread designs will confuse your vehicle's steer, which will direct your car to the right if the pattern shifts more towards there, upsetting your driving experience.

The Takeaway?

We'd recommend you drive your vehicle to a service station and let a professional have a look, for they will treat the problem with a promising solution unless it's only the air pressure.



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