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Why does car go into gear but not move

Why A Car Doesn’t Move When In Gear?

When your car is stuck, you must be wondering why does my car go into gear but not move. Let us explain some important reasons behind this happening in this section.

6 Reasons

The first common problem that people experience after changing their fuel pump is that their car won’t start. This can be a frustrating issue, but luckily there are ways to fix it. One thing you can try is to check the fuel pressure. If it is too low, then you can add more fuel pressure by using a fuel pressure regulator.


Automatic Transmission CU Is Not Good

If your car has a bad torque converter, the manual transmission goes into gear but won’t move. This problem may occur when having low-quality transmission fluid or a dirty transmission fluid filter.


Torque Converter Is Not Efficient

Let us tell you that your transmission will not engage in any gear if the clutches are damaged and not working properly. You should check if the clutches are worn or are of bad quality that does not work efficiently to meet the transmission needs of your car when you put it in gear.


Clutches are Damaged

If your car’s engine is not working properly, there are a lot of chances that your car won’t move in any gear automatic transmission. You should check the parts of your car’s engine to find out the issue with it. The engine might have been damaged due to water, gasoline, or any other thing.


The Engine is Not Working Properly

Let us enhance your knowledge about your car and its related issues. When you see your car not starting or moving you wonder why is my automatic car not changing gear. The reason behind this happening might be a clogged air filter. The air filter might be full of dust and debris. It might also be broken or damaged.


The Filter is Clogged

Sometimes, your car or any other vehicle does not get into any gear when you try to do so. For example, a truck won’t move in any gear automatic transmission, which means there is a low transmission fluid because of the shifter cable, the shifter, leak, or any other problem with the valve body of the automatic transmission.


Transmission Won’t Stay in Gear