Where Can I Sell My Catalytic Converter For Most Money?

Catalytic converters could make you a fortune in a single go or somewhere a handful of bucks. It all depends on whom and where you sell them.

Where to Sell Catalytic Converters?

There are three places to sell them where you could make the most bucks, including: 1. Wrecking Yards 2. Metal Scrapyards 3. Online Marketplaces

Wrecking Yards

Selling your catalytic converter to auto salvage yards might make you as low as $85 or as much as $450 on the spot, provided it bears worthy condition.


Metal Scrapyards

Another option for selling your catalytic converter is credited to metal scrapyards. Though they would offer the same prices as wrecking yards, chances are against the odds.


Online Marketplaces

Priced at $1100/ounce, Platinum may sell for up to $120 with the converter and, along with the other two, sifts the exhausted gases off the harmful emissions.


The Takeaway

Try keeping your catalytic converter maintained, for whenever you’d want to sell it, you won’t regret hearing out the offers, and entertaining them.



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