What To Do

When Your Car Overheats While Driving

By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

Why do engines overheat?

Scorching heat puts cosmic stress on your car's cooling system, indicated by floating steam from the hood or a burnt odor inside. Here are 04 hacks to counter that.


Switch to the Heater

Let the heat inside by killing the AC and turning on the heater, which will reduce the pressure on the cooling system and help it cool faster.


Pull Your Car Over to a Safe Place

Shutt off the engine for at least 15 minutes and wait for the gauge to settle down. Avoid opening the hood until the smoke or steam dissolves.


Pour Coolant Or Get Towed

If possible, add coolant to the engine after 15 minutes of rest, or get towed to the nearest service station as an alternative, again, if you can.


Try Restarting the Engine

Once the temperature gauge settles down, try restarting the engine carefully, and drive to the closest mechanic if you can't afford to get towed.



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