White Spark Plugs Mean 

What Does

is a White Spark Plug


Spark Plug Turns white?


Let us first discuss what is a white spark plug. You will see a white spark plug tip when the spark plug is burned. There may be a lot of reasons behind this happening such as overheating of the engine, improper mixing of the air and fuel, incorrect ignition timing, and many other reasons.

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You should know that there are different reasons why a spark plug turns red. We have already mentioned some of these reasons above. In this section, we will explain these reasons in detail and will let you know how you can solve these problems.

Reasons of White Spark Plugs


Low Quality Fuel

You will see white chalky spark plugs in your vehicle if you use low-quality fuel in it. Using low- and poor-quality fuel affects the operation of your engine badly and also results in damaging your engine. The use of low-quality fuel can also damage your catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.


Broken Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs of your vehicle are broken, you will see white deposits on spark plugs. The spark plugs can get broken if you drive your vehicle at a very fast speed and at rough surfaces. Moreover, if the spark plugs get improper heat, they can get damaged.


Unstable Mixture of Air-Fuel

The color of the spark plugs changes to white when there is an unstable mixture of air and fuel. Let us tell you that your engine cannot work under some optimal parameters. You need to check different factors and things associated with your vehicle’s engine and its performance.