All About Catalytic Converters

wWhat Does A Catalytic cConverter Do

If you are reading this article, chances are you would want to know what does a catalytic converter do? A catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust/emission system. It is responsible to remove harmful substances from the fumes and smoke that may affect the engine’s performance.

Types catalytic converter

Since we have answered ‘what does a catalytic convertor do’ let’s explore its types. There are two main types of converters, including a two-way type and a three-way type.

This type of catalytic converter is mostly used for exhaust pipes coming from diesel engines. It performs two different tasks together. It deals with carbon monoxide molecules and it converts the hydrocarbon molecules into carbon dioxide and water.


The two-way type

The three-way type is used in all petroleum-based engines. This type of converter also breaks down nitrogen oxide molecules to nitrogen and oxygen.


The three-way type

The latest converters boost the Hp output of the car’s engine, while ensuring that the engine does not heat up due to combustion. Some converters have oxygen indicators and might let out oxygen from the middle of the muffler.


Modern Catalytic Converters