Behind Failure of Spark Plugs



what is spark plug?

The people owning a car or any other vehicle that consists of spark plugs need to know what causes spark plugs to go bad fast because they need to spend money every time to buy a new plug for their vehicle’s proper functioning. Following are some of the common reasons behind the failure of spark plugs.

The major reason behind the failure of a spark plug can be the flow of engine oil into the combustion chamber. If the oil is leaking, it is obvious that the spark plug will get dirty and oily which can lead to its failure. Such type of failure is common in old vehicle

Reason 1

Oil in Combustion Chamber

You should know that poor quality of fuel can also cause failure in the spark plugs because the material used inside the poor-quality fuel filter does not last for a long time. Such material does not make the plug long-lasting. When the bad fuel enters your vehicle’s engine, it damages the inside of a spark plug and can make it start getting eroded off.

Reason 2

Poor Quality of Fuel

As we know, the spark plugs have been designed using an anti-corrosion coating that is helpful in protecting against elements in the vehicle’s engine from damaging them over time. It also includes different types of contaminants such as copper or lead particles. You should know that such coating is not impervious and can get cracked from the buildup of oil, combustion byproducts, and carbon.

Reason 3

Carbon in Combustion Chamber

You should know that if you are using leaded gasoline, it can cause a spark plug to go bad as it can damage your car’s engine. It can also affect other components such as piston rings or valves. Thus, it can result in the failure of your spark plug.

Reason 4

Use of Leaded Gasoline

If you have bad fuel filters, the spark plugs are more likely to get worse in no time because the bad fuel filters are one of the major reasons behind their failure. You should know that a fuel filter plays a vital role as a protective barrier for the vehicle’s engine and cleans it for rust particles, dirt, and other contaminants.

Reason 5

Bad Quality Fuel Filters