Should You Check Your Oil When The Engine Is Hot or Cold?

Checking your oil doesn’t really have to do with the engine’s temperature, though the recommendation favors a cold engine. Here’s why.

It Pours Oil Into the Pan

A running vehicle circulates oil across the engine for flawless performance, and letting it cool down, pours it all into the pan, offering accurate readings.


It Doesn’t Burn Your Hands

Checking the oil in a hot engine will burn your hands and not provide accurate readings, which won't even leave you in a mood to recheck the oil.


How Can You Check The Oil Yourself?

Priced at $1100/ounce, Platinum may sell for up to $120 with the converter and, along with the other two, sifts the exhausted gases off the harmful emissions.



If you want to check the oil after you have just parked your car, do it after 10 to 15 minutes of rest, watch out for your hands and add the oil according to the readings.



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