6 Reasons Why’s Oil Leaking From Oil Filter After Oil Change

These six reasons might just be the causes why your car is leaking oil; tap/click ahead to find how you can fix it.

Overlapping Gaskets

Installing the new oil filter and gasket atop the old one causes your oil filter to leak to explode. You must remove the old one to install the new, the only solution.


Damaged Oil Filter Gasket

The rubber mounting gasket may be cut or nicked for the oil to leak; you need to replace the entire filter in this case, for this would be the most appropriate action.


Uneven Tightening

Under or over-tightening of an oil filter is one of the most common causes of oil leaks. You must hand-tighten the filter, as it would keep the gasket from getting crushed.


Flawed Threads

Your car may be leaking oil due to the damaged thread base of an oil filter in the center. The filter won't tighten in the case, and you'll need to install a new one.


Incompatible Oil Filter

Installing an incompatible oil filter would result in oil leakage for obvious reasons, which you can counter by choosing the filter specified for your vehicle.


Damaged Oil Filter Shell

The engine cylinders of your car are either providing less or no power to your ride, which is causing it to misfire and disrupting you and your peace while driving.


The Conclusion

Apart from these causes, one more could be the damaged threads of oil filter mounting adapters or the adapter itself that you can replace for a solution.



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