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Cost of car mufflers

To be precise, mufflers are tubes that are placed strategically in the exhaust system, consisting of holes in particular places, formulated to lessen the sound of a car’s engine.

Did you Know What part is known as a Muffler?

Average Cost of Muffler replacement

between  $800 and $834

Symptoms of a bad muffler

Following are 3 prime symptoms to listen and watch out for


You can identify whether your car’s muffler is problematic or not by noticing vibrations while you are driving.

Vibrations during drives


If you hear a loud sound from your exhaust, then you need to pay attention to the issue in your car.

The sound of your exhausts gets louder

Lastly, if you witness that your car is all of a sudden consuming more fuel, it may be because of a damaged muffler.

The fuel efficiency has dwindled


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