Start an Automatic Car with a Dead Battery?

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1. The low air temperature may cause the battery to freeze 2. Failure of voltage regulator or diode bridge 3. Lack of battery maintenance 4. Dirty terminals of the battery 5. Not using or starting your car for a long time

Five  core reasons !!

How to Start Car with  A Dead Battery

If you have an automatic car, this method is suitable for you as it takes only a few minutes to solve the issue when your car’s battery dies. A charged jumper box is considered a lifesaver as it is inexpensive and solves your problem in no time. For using a jump-start box, you need to make sure that the car is off. Connect the box with the positive post of the car’s battery.

Method 1

Use Jump Start Box

For your information, the push start method is not suitable for an automatic car when its battery gets dead. This method is only suitable for manual cars when you need two to three people to push your car when it stops. If your car stops suddenly due to a dead battery, you can use a portable battery charger. It is recommended to all automatic car drivers to keep a battery charger with them.

Method 2

Get a Portable Battery Charger

If you do not have any resources that can help you start your car without the need for any other car or any other tool, you should visit a nearby auto repair shop for a quick inspection. If you do not notice there is an auto repair shop near you, you should call a professional towing company that could provide you with efficient roadside assistance services.

Method 3

Call a Professional Roadside Assistance

It is recommended to all the drivers to keep an extra car battery with them. It is because you may not be aware of your car’s battery life or its current condition because you are too busy. It is advised to keep yourself updated regarding the current condition and battery life of your automatic car but still, to avoid any inconvenience, you should keep an extra battery with you.

Method 4

Keep an Extra Battery

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