4 benefits

of changing Your Car oil regularly

Why Oil Change is Important for Your Car?

You know that your car has to be serviced every six months, but do you ever wonder what’s happening inside when the mechanic drops off a huge jar of oil for rotation? Motor oils serve many functions in modern vehicles. They keep engine parts well-lubricated by providing protection from overheating and wear due to friction between them all together as they rotate within the machinery under hood.

Major Benefits of Regular Oil Change

Maintains Proper Lubrication

The car has a lot of parts and they all work together to make sure the vehicle runs smoothly. If you take care their lubrication, it creates less wear on these essential engine components which will lead to higher efficiency in operation for your car!


Improves Gas Mileage

The best way to increase gas mileage is by refilling your engine with new oil. The U.S Department of Energy found that when cars have been properly lubricated, they can reduce fuel consumption by up 2%. This may not seem like a lot compared to other things in life but you might be surprised how much money this saves over time!


Enhances Vehicle’s Life

No need to be a mechanic – just keep up with the routine maintenance and your car will thank you for it. If there are no toxins inside of it, then its components stay intact- meaning that their job gets easier! Plus, since they don’t have to work as hard as normal (due an absence on toxic buildup), engines can last longer before needing replacement or fixing again.


Efficiently Removes Sludge

Routine oil changes are the best way to keep your engine in working order. When you change it every couple of thousand miles, not only will this protect against sludge and rust but also extend its life!




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