How Far Can An Electric Car Go On One Charge?

The range of electric vehicles varies on the brand and factors like temperature and driving speed. An average range of EVs, however, is listed in the guide. 

What is the Average Range of an EV on a Single Charge?

An average range touched by electric vehicles is 194 miles (313 Km) on a single charge, which does not belong to a specific EV, but a sum of them.


What is the Shortest EV Can Go On a Single Charge?

The shortest an EV can go on a single charge is 84 miles (135 Km) attributed to the Smart ForTwo EQ—according to the Electric Vehicle Database.


What is the Longest an EV Can Go On a Single Charge?

Produced by Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, 2021 make of Tesla, 396 miles (637 Km) is the longest an EV can go on a single charge.

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The Takeaway

The ranges mentioned throughout the story might vary depending on the speed and usage. So, before you hand in the cash for your new EV, ensure to inquire about everything about it.

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