Can You Drive a Car Without a Gas Cap?

We’d be answering this question down the story, but why would you want to drive a car without a gas cap when you can get its replacement for as much as $16?

What is the Role of a Gas Cap?

They keep the fuel from getting evaporated into the atmosphere, with some theories suggesting their role in maintaining optimal fuel pressure.

Gas Cap  Vs. Flapper Valve

In modern vehicles, you can see flapper valves preventing fuel from spilling rather than gas caps, which are left only to protect the gas from dirt and debris.

What Happens When You Drive a Car Without a Gas Cap?

You would not want to drive your car long distances, but say from the spot of losing the cap to your mechanic’s shop; if it’s so necessary.

It’s because you’d be leaving your gas tank exposed to potential dust particles, which could somehow pave their way into the fuel management system, resulting in grave failures deep into your engine.

We’d never suggest you ride your vehicle without a gas cap, for you may never know what would hit your engine from the most unexpected side of your car’s body. 

That’s Why…



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