5 best sports cars under 10K

This story includes some great suggestions for the best sports cars under 10000, that you can buy here in our country.


Mercedes Benz SLK

A Mercedes-Benz SLK is a German-engineered beauty that is not only a treat to your eyes but also an excellent driving experience.

(1998 TO 2009)


Ford Mustang GT

People in the early 2000s bought this one as a way to prolong their days of youth. With a V8 engine, and rear-wheel drive you have nothing to worry about but take it to cruise around wherever you would like.


Dodge Charger

Another rear-wheel drive on the list, the Dodge Charger 2011 is a great sports car to have within the $10,000 range.



Nissan 350Z

The last option we have is another famous one, everyone went crazy for when it came out –  the two-seater Nissan 350Z. The car came in different models, initially as a coupe and then a year later as a roadster.


(2003 to 2008)

Mazda CX-5 Sport

Next up is a version of an ideal crossover in cars, i.e. the Mazda CX-5 SUV. The sport plus conventional features of this car are great for people who don’t restrict themselves to the sports exclusive category.