Why Does The ABS Light Come on and off

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Reasons Why ABS Light Come On and Off

After getting to know about the purpose of the ABS light, you wonder why does my abs light comes on and off while driving and what is the reason behind it.

You can see the ABS light is turned on if the ABS module is not working properly. The ABS system of your vehicle is also connected with another system named traction control system. The purpose of this system is to keep the functioning of all the wheels at the same level so that they could work smoothly on the ground.

Improper Functioning of ABS Module

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The ABS light comes on and off if there are damaged wheel speed sensors in your vehicle. These sensors can be defined as a piece of equipment that helps in providing you with information about the functioning and speed of each vehicle. If there is an issue with the speed of the wheels, it is detected by the computer and the adjustments are done by the traction control system.

Damaged Wheel Speed Sensors

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You will notice that the antilock braking system light present on the dashboard is turned on if there is a low level in the brake fluid. We know that the brake system of our vehicle is hydraulic which means the power of a cylinder is used by the braking system. It results in putting pressure against the fluid for closing the brake pads and stopping your car.

Low Levels in Brake Fluid

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We can say that an ABS fuse works like other electrical systems and play a vital role in protecting the ABS system. If there is an electrical surge, this fuse can blow. So, if you notice the ABS light is coming on and off on your dashboard, you should check the fuse.

Blown Fuse of ABS System

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