A Bad o2 Sensor Look Like

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bad oxygen sensor  liook like


Justin Hall


There are different signs that are displayed to you when you have a bad oxygen sensor in your vehicle. Now, let’s come to our major topic and discuss some signs of a bad oxygen sensor.

signs of bad O2 sensor


Engine Light Turns On

When there is an issue with your oxygen sensor, you will see the engine light present on your dashboard is turned on. The major purpose of this light is to show that there is an issue with your engine or any of its parts that need to be fixed immediately to avoid any future problems.


Abnormal Fuel Consumption

It is common that when the oxygen sensor is not working, you will surely face bad fuel economy. Plus, the consumption of abnormal fuel also increases when you do not detect the presence of oxygen that is not burnt. No doubt, this gas is hazardous to your health and can also cause lung problems.


Rough Idling

When the oxygen sensor of your vehicle starts deteriorating, you will see that your vehicle is misfiring frequently. You will also note that your car or any other vehicle is running irregularly and roughly, especially when idling. The problem of failed oxygen sensors results in different issues like stalling, engine hesitation, and power loss especially when you start your car.


Failure of Emission Tests

The emission tests will keep failing if there is an issue with your vehicle’s oxygen sensor. You must be wondering what an emission test is. Let us tell you that some states and countries have the rule of getting the vehicles to go through emission tests. The purpose of this test is to control environmental pollution.


Overheating of Engine

Your engine will start overheating due to a bad oxygen sensor. You should know that there are many side effects of overheating on the performance and body of the engine. It can get damaged badly along with damaging other parts of your car due to getting overheated. Thus, it will cost you a lot of money as you will have to change the engine as well as replace other damaged parts of your car.