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Volkswagen flicks up the Grid to Confront Tesla

Volkswagen flicks up the Grid to Confront Tesla

According to the news sources, Volkswagen is planning to double the staff on its power and charging division, planning to roll out new payment methods and technologies till 2022 in order to strike more alliances to press pressure on Tesla in terms of EV battle.

This exercise has been planned to bring in enough EV plugs and of course, the substantial energy power supplies for the electric vehicles that Volkswagen wants to sell.

With this, Europe’s biggest vehicle manufacturer hopes that it would convince the gas and fuel vehicle owners to ditch their old fossil cars for an even better option.

Adhering to the ambition, Volkswagen has teamed up with Elke Temme power industry veteran, popular for investing more than 20 years in the German energy-producing companies such as Innogy and RWE, to help Volkswagen in order to be more in shape to compete against Tesla.

Elke has been associated with the carmaker since January and had been engaged with several tasks which include the activities like procuring energy, allowing the EV owners to charge their vehicles on the road and at home, along with selling this energy when required.

This is why Elke thinks that Volkswagen will require an even bigger force to bring the plan in action in the power and charging division named Elli. Temme has suggested that a workforce of 300 would be required by 2022 that already has tripled in the following year.

Elke says in an interview:

“We’re investing in huge growth areas that don’t always have to be profitable right away. We always see these investments in the overall context of our group strategy,” she added. “That’s why building up a comprehensive infrastructure is key.”

Elke Temme did not however disclose the budget she would need with his investment. But stated that Volkswagen managed by the admirer of Tesla has approved the request for the enhancement in the division. This is because this division also sells home storage battery systems like Tesla Powerwall.

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