Van Buren County Office reports 20 crashes in 20 minutes on I-94 due to winter storm

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office reported a minimum of 20 crashes on Interstate 94 between exits 56 and 66 due to the heavy winter storm. The 20 crashes reported within the short distance were all reported in the time duration of 20 minutes. Several highways were affected due to the harsh weather.


“I’ve seen an accident and that’s what caused me to get off the highway at exit 66,” said Krystal Harris who was on the road and just got off in time before getting hurt. Several of the cars and vehicles involved in accidents were hit and crashed due to a chain reaction caused by other vehicles crashing before them. One SUV near exit 66 on I-94 lost control and swiveled when it hit a cable barrier on the highway. That one led to several other vehicles crashing behind it.

Nick Schirripa from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) looking after the winter storm conditions that caused the Van Buren County vehicle ruckus said, “We’ve been able to keep up with what we have. I don’t think it’s a situation we want to continue, we want to perpetuate having this few number of operators because we know its Michigan, and there is a potential for it to snow everywhere at the same time,” he added talking about the 110 plow drivers that are available currently, compared to the usual 145 plow drivers, “We just haven’t had that situation happen yet, so we’ve gotten lucky this year.”

The MDOT Detroit Twitter account reported the incident on Twitter, “EB and WB M-46 (Apple Ave) at Carr Rd

Update: EB M-46 (Apple Ave) at Carr Rd is now Open

WB Remains Closed

Due to a Crash

Muskegon County

 Christine Eubanks



There haven’t been life-threatening injuries reported due to the incidents, either vehicle or weather-related, by authorities. Harris warned residents and those traveling from or within Van Buren County to stay indoors if possible and watch out while driving if they do go out, “Take it slow everybody, take it slow, the roads are bad. If you don’t have to come out, don’t leave your house, stay inside. I wish I had that option.”

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