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Used Tesla Model X Is it worth buying

Used Tesla Model X: Is it worth buying?

The 2021 Tesla Model X Crossover, inspired by the company’s renowned Model S saloon, amazes with all of its top-hinged back doors as well as badass battery capacity. The electrical motors in the Model X enable all-wheel motion on demand as well as performance-car speed. The control is also remarkably agile for a vehicle of these dimensions. Tesla Model X’s additional extra line of seats will entice many purchasers who are looking for extra convenience. The new Model X, the same as a used Tesla Model X, has high-tech multimedia plus driver-assistance systems, and also its interior is attractive and comfy – even if it’s not opulent.

If you are wondering about getting a used Tesla Model X, then here you will find all the required information that you must know before making your decision. Moreover, the below-given TOC will help you to navigate an answer to your query directly without reading the whole piece.

However, we recommend you give it a read for a comprehensive overview.

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  • Tesla Model X: A Brief Intro                                                                                       
  • Considering my total budget, which Used Tesla Model X should I get?         
  • How much operating expense should I anticipate if I buy a Tesla Model X?
    • Taxes on the road                                                                                                   
    • Insurance coverage                                                                                                 
  • What should you seek when you go for a Tesla Model X that has been previously owned?
    • Our suggestions                                                                                                     
  • What options beyond a used Tesla Model X should I take into account?             
  • Wrapping things up                                                                                   
  • Specifications
    • Price as tested                                                                                                        
    • Motor type                                                                                                            
    • Power                                                                                                                         
    • Transmission                                                                                                        
    • Dimensions                                                                                                         
    • C/d test results                                                                                                    
    • Fuel economy                                                                                   

Tesla Model X: A brief intro

Many luxury and racing companies like Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, and Porsche indulge that specific increased ride-height craving with SUVs in their fleets nowadays.

Tesla began by creating an electrical two-seat coupe which performed poorly in bringing the company any monetary achievement for a lot of factors, although it did not take long until their 2013 Model S, a spacious, fully electric luxury vehicle that ignited somewhat like a rebellion. Tesla Model X, a 2.5-tonne 7 seater Crossover that debuted in 2016, features the Model S’s amazing power, expensive asking price, plus incredible stated range, along with many of its components, but bundles all of that in a better, trendy, bigger, and economical bodywork.

Talking about Tesla Model X dimensions, It’s just a huge, hefty vehicle. It’s not only the extravagance that drags it over; it is also the battery packs, which weigh roughly double more than a normal petrol engine with a gasoline tank. The Model X, on the other hand, bears most of that bulk down, which is excellent for the balance of the body with gravitational pull, and the vehicle is just not as high or clunky as most of the others in its category.

In terms of Tesla Model X performance, you may choose between the beginner level 60D, 75D, 100D, and ultra-speedy P100D. Within the first year, their beginner-level 60 kWh 60D variant featuring a promised 200-mile capacity was discontinued, putting the 75D as their elementary Model X. As you’d imagine, the 75kWh engine is sleek, polished, and fairly silent, plus it’s also speedy. It had a capacity of 259 miles during standard tests, but as with other electric vehicles, this is going to be far lower throughout the actual life; we’d guess approximately 150 miles. Tesla 100D seems to be equally silent, yet it features a 100kWh engine offering a capacity of greater than 200 miles, but a stated capacity of closer to 300 miles.

The P100D often referred to as ‘Performance Ludicrous,’ seems to be the full-fat high-performance variant, capable of propelling this hefty 4×4 from a dead stop to 62 miles per hour in only 2.9 seconds – that is quicker than the immense number of performance cars. Considering its tremendous horsepower, it is incredibly smooth throughout all speeds. Furthermore, as per our most current analysis, it has an actual capacity of around 233 miles.

  • Plaid AWD
  • Long Range AWD
  • Long Range
  • Performance power types
  • Long Range
  • Long Range Plus
  • Performance and Plaid trims

The newer models after 2020 underwent a facelift redesign and other minor modifications.

You may assume the grip on the road to decline as a result of the car’s size and weight, but amazingly, The Model X now turns flawlessly and with minimal body tilt. It isn’t particularly exciting, although it is stable and safe. The ride will thud on uneven terrain, which is somewhat predictable considering the massive 21in alloys installed, but it is not bothersome.

Whether it is a new or used Tesla Model X – appears to be sleek and elegant on the interior. If you look at the Tesla Model X Specs, you’ll immediately notice that it has a comfy and firm seat, along with an excellent driving posture. It also features loads of electronic tweaks. A massive 17-inch touchscreen handles almost every major feature of the vehicle, as well as a computerized instrument panel in front of the driver occupies the dashboard. Although it seems futuristic, it could be difficult to navigate, specifically while on the go, plus a few of its icons are tiny. Also, despite the quality of materials appearing to be great, there are a few spots where the inside feels a bit too floppy, plus there are minor spaces where better-sealed boundaries could be expected.

There is enough of it when it comes to spaciousness. Most purchasers choose 7 seating from the beginning, but the 2 fold-able rearmost seats seem to be ideal for youngsters. The seats in the middle have lots of legroom, plus the entrance is via phenomenal falcon-wing doors, which also provide a spacious entry as well as exit space. In a five-seat position, there are enough luggage areas as well as the trunk is of a decent dimension. Its middle-row seats may also be folded completely by just a tap on the display.

Considering my total budget, which Used Tesla Model X should I get?

  • The starting price for the Tesla Model X is about $50,000. This amount will get you a vehicle from a commercial dealer or private seller – The variant year would be early 2016 / early 2017.
  • It would quite probably be a 60D or perhaps a 75D variant, having avg. miles from last year plus a complete record of service and all.
  • You should expect around $55,000 to $60,000 for a pristine 2018 vehicle with little miles, however, a 100D variant would cost you at least well over $70,000, and also the P100D variant will cost you a fortune – closer to $80,000. particularly if it’s a 2019 model.

How much operating expense should I anticipate if I buy a Tesla Model X?

There are no gasoline charges, however, a complete recharge on an Economy 7-night tariff would cost about $10 bucks. While hooked to the powerful Tesla’s Supercharger or fast-chargers, the Model X requires roughly an hour to get fully charged – from nearly empty to practically full.

Taxes on the road

You will not be required to pay any yearly road tax.

Insurance coverage

Insurance prices would be expensive, but service is needed once a year or every 12.5K miles, also servicing packages are offered. A 3-year maintenance package costs around $1500 and covers 3 checkups in total – one every twelve months or 12.5K miles, whatever falls first – it may be covered in full or with installments.

From the start, you’ll have a 4 year and 50,000-mile guarantee, including the batteries protected for 8 years, regardless of how many miles you drive. Instead of needing you to visit a dealership, Tesla’s over-the-air Wi-Fi system upgrades fixes bugs and adds functionality even when you are sleeping.

What should you seek when you go for a Tesla Model X that has been previously owned?

This is a massive SUV that might likely be driven in congested urban areas, metropolitan parking lots, particularly on school travels, so search for scratches and dings on the exterior. Repairing a vehicle’s exterior can be costly. Also, check its alloy rims and wheel condition.

The Model X has a lot of electronic features, so make sure everything is operating properly, notably the display, foldable back seats, doors, as well as the tailgate.

Well, here’s the disappointing news. In our most recent durability analysis, Tesla came in 29th out of 31 automakers.

The Model X was not featured, however, Tesla’s Model S, which has many of the same components as that of the Model X, did not do well, coming in the last place in the fully electric automobile group.

Despite 61% of the automobiles we were informed about suffering from minor and major issues, Tesla Model S had the greatest number of malfunctions in our whole assessment. Even though all of these cars can technically be operated, 50% of them had been out of commission for longer than one week. The leftover owners spent around $50 to $100 for fixes, given the fact that 93 percent were serviced for free.

Our suggestions

If you could somehow afford the purchase cost of a secondhand 100D variant, we’d recommend it merely for the guarantee of a greater mile range.

The P100D variant seems to be the single ‘trim’ version, which offers greater inside trim – which again is welcomed– also, of course, incredible speed is there too. Unfortunately, it is rather expensive, so you should be better suited looking for the standard ones.

What options beyond a used Tesla Model X should I take into account?

Between many fully electric competitors, the Audi Q7 comes close to the Tesla Model X. Q7 is a luxurious 7 seat SUV, also its e-Tron variant just accommodates 5 persons. Although the e-Tron is a plug-in hybrid rather than a completely electric vehicle, it is impressively tuned, with brisk acceleration as well as a pleasant ride. The standard diesel Q7 is both roomy and efficient, as well as impressively elegant, whereas the high-performance variant called SQ7 is exhilarating to drive. A Mild-hybrid system is used in later generations.

The Range Rover PHEV was another plug-in rechargeable electrical SUV that blends every one of the Range Rover’s classic features – authority, elegance, and off-road capability – plus a dash of ecological awareness. In theory, the fuel efficiency is great, and the performance is outstanding. However, it is rather costly.

The Jaguar I-Pace is another stylish all-electric SUV option featuring a WLTP capacity of around 292 miles as well as a real-world range of 253 miles. It features a luxurious cabin and a superb driving posture. The drive is also quite comfortable. But it won’t be a seven-seater like the Tesla Model X.

In our experience, the Audi E-Tron is yet another massive battery-powered SUV featuring just 5 seats as well as a claimed WLTP capacity of 237 miles plus an actual distance capacity of 196 miles. Throughout all velocities, it’s wonderfully balanced, well-built, and very well equipped. A used one is still pricey, however, there are discounts to be found if you keep a close eye.

Wrapping things up

So, all in all, the Tesla Model X ticks almost all of the boxes for an electric car. It has an unrivaled range of greater than 200 miles throughout the segment, as well as blazing speed, a smooth ride, and powerful control. There are certain flaws, including its expensive starting price and cramped 3rd row, yet they aren’t enough to detract us from its attraction. If you want to know more about this automobile, check out Tesla’s Official website.

Lastly, given below are the specifications of the new or used Tesla Model X which you should probably glance upon if you are planning to buy a new or used one for yourself.


Price as tested

  • $133,700 (base price: $116,700)

Motor type

  • 2 asynchronous AC


  • Combined: 532 hp
  • Combined: 713 lb-ft
  • F: 259 hp R: 503 hp
  • Torque: F: 244 lb-ft R: 469 lb-ft


  • 1-speed direct-drive


  • Cargo volume (third row up/folded): 13/68 cu ft
  • Curb weight: 5594 lb
  • Front trunk: 7 cu ft
  • Length: 198.3 in
  • SAE volume: F: 60 cu ft M: 52 cu ft R: 28 cu ft
  • Wheelbase: 116.7 in
  • Width: 81.5 in Height: 66.3 in

C/d test results

  • Braking, 70-0 mph: 172 ft
  • Road-holding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.86 g
  • Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 3.5 sec
  • Standing ¼-mile: 11.8 sec @ 116 mph
  • Top gear, 30-50 mph: 1.3 sec
  • Top gear, 50-70 mph: 2.1 sec
  • Top speed (governor limited): 130 mph
  • Zero to 100 mph: 8.3 sec
  • Zero to 120 mph: 13.0 sec
  • Zero to 60 mph: 3.3 sec

Fuel economy

  • EPA city/highway driving: 89/90 MPGe
  • EPA range: 250 mi
  • C/D observed: 77 MPGe

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