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What will happen to the unsold 2019 SUVs

What will happen to the unsold 2019 SUVs?

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, we have seen a strong decline in the sales of the car. According to sources, around 10.8% of cars from 2019 are still unsold in the market. However, the unsold 2019 SUVs are the greatest in number.

Can you imagine that the rate of Dodge Grand Caravan is far greater than this? Around 66.3% of its total inventory is unsold in car dealerships. Nothing can be more disastrous than to have old stockpiled up at your inventory centers. It becomes one of the reasons why car manufacturers are reluctant to produce or redesign newer vehicles.

According to experts, the percentage of the unsold 2019 SUVs might increase and or stay the same as car enthusiasts are waiting for the new designs to arrive. The popularity of unsold automobiles keeps on declining as car lovers are no more interested in purchasing them.

Not just some unknown car labels but significant vehicle producers are also part of the list. Due to a halt in car production in 2020 because of the pandemic, many people have become demotivated from purchasing older model cars.

This article will highlight the unsold 2019 SUVs. Moreover, we will be discussing what happens to the vehicles when they are not sold out.

What happened to the unsold 2019 SUVs?

The car industry works the same way just like any other business in the United States. Sometimes, the business is on the rise and sometimes the car dealerships are stocked up with brand-new cars, which none wants to buy. SUVs are the ones that are higher in stock when compared to other types of cars.

Let’s learn more about the automobile industry and how does it work;

How do car sales work?

According to the United States’ law, you cannot sell the car directly to the consumer. Moreover, this practice is typically not followed by any of the states. There is a proper methodology and protocols which has to be followed by the manufacturers.

The car producers usually sent out their models to the car dealers. They are the ones which turn themselves into a platform for reaching out to the general public. This way car manufacturers get their money from the dealers in exchange for their vehicles.

The unsold 2019 SUVs became a problem for all the car dealers. They are not obliged to send back the vehicles to the official manufacturers and ask for money in return or a refund. The only way dealers have is to move the iron from one to another. Somehow they have to figure out ways to sell these SUVs.

It becomes a burden for the car dealer. You never know, maybe the unsold 2019 SUVs occupying the same vehicles which can be profitable and beneficial for the car dealers. For example, no store will fill their shelves with the least or undemanded products.

In one scenario, the unsold 2019 SUVs proved to be quite profitable for the car dealers as well. They utilized the vehicles to earn interest through car loans. For the greater time, the car sits in the showroom, which creates more money for the car dealer.

Selling the unsold 2019 SUVs becomes the priority

Instead of giving unnecessary space to the unsold 2019 SUVs, it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, they might be consuming the space of a car which can be beneficial for the business.

Car dealers tend to hire salespeople to market the unsold 2019 SUVs. They are offering various cash incentives to them for bringing them valuable parties for the car. Somewhat, salespeople create a path for the unsold 2019 SUVs to be sold in the market.

Moreover, car dealers are offering great discounts to attract consumers and get this burden off their heads. Techniques like loaner cars are being utilized by them so that it can generate some income and proves to be a valuable asset in the meantime.

One last method which car dealers can apply to get rid of the unsold 2019 SUVs is auto action. In most of the regions of the United States, car auctions are quite common. It is done for both, old and new vehicles. It takes place for the cars just like the unsold 2019 SUVs that are unable to be sold in the local marketplace.

Eventually, the unsold 2019 SUVs will be bought

According to car specialists, every car can be sold at the right price. Some cars do not sell in the market due to certain circumstances. The global pandemic was a major reason for the unsold 2019 SUVs.

However, if the above selling methods are applied, the SUVs can be sold in the market.

Which are the unsold 2019 SUVs?

As mentioned above, the number of unsold 2019 SUVs is greater than sedans and trucks. Let’s discuss which vehicles from 2019 are still available in greater quantities.

Volkswagen Atlas

There is no doubt that Volkswagen is a great name in the SUV industry. However, the buying power of its consumers was also affected by the coronavirus. Nearly 37.1% inventory of Volkswagen Atlas is still available at various car dealerships.

Honda Passport

Honda cars are quite reliable and have a great reputation in the market. The sales of Honda are always on the rise and greater in number relatively than other significant brands. However, Honda Passport had to see a massive decline in its sale due to the global pandemic.

According to the sources, around 21.2% of total inventory is still available in the American car industry.

Mitsubishi Outlander

If you want to be tension-free for a longer period, you should always opt for cars from this label. Mitsubishi produced Outlander with all great configurations to compete against its competitors available in the market. It was doing great until the coronavirus made a negative impact.

The sales declined for this SUV and Mitsubishi Outlander is stored with car dealerships in a total percentage of 22.7%.


Instead of producing new designs and cars, many significant car manufacturers are focusing on getting rid of their previous variants. Moreover, car dealers are concentrating on selling the unsold 2019 SUVs rather than piling up their showrooms with more cars.

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