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Unimog for sale What is Unimog and from where can I find the best deals

Unimog for sale: What is Unimog and from where can I find the best deals?

After World War II, when the economies of the war-affected countries were on the brink to collapse, The German mastermind, Albert Friedrich came up with an idea of a multi-purpose truck that can come in handy in a variety of situations. Primarily, the main cause of this idea was to eliminate labor-intensive work in the agriculture sector and come up with a more mature and efficient strategy to increase the output and grow the business. It was because, following WW2, Germany had no other means to rely on other than the agriculture sector, which had employed a significant population of the country. 

Quite an interesting history, isn’t it? Well, these vintage trucks have somehow gained popularity in recent times and people are looking for Unimog for sale. However, because these are age-old vehicles, you cannot find them easily,

If you are here with the same query, we might be able to help you with that, but before we get into where can you get Unimog trucks in 2021, let’s dig down its history and why is it still a popular choice among many.

Birth of a revolutionary Unimog

After the initial idea, Albert Friedrich and Daimler Benz started drafting plans for a compact trailer. While drafting, they focus on some key features that the vehicle must have along with a compact design. Equal sized front and rear wheels, all-wheel-drive system, portal axles, body on frame design, and huge cargo space were some of the key elements that the two mastermind’s incorporated into their drafts.

Once the ideal multi-purpose truck was drafted, in 1945, Friedrich and Daimler collaborated with two other fellow engineers, Heinrich Rössler and Hans Zabel to finally start working on the truck. It took around a year to reveal the groundbreaking truck, which became popular as UNIMOG in a very short time.

The final version in 1946 came equipped with a huge loading platform attached at the rear end of the vehicle with a soft-top-cab. The front-wheel-drive was switchable and it had a diesel engine along with a splitter gearbox. Once after bringing the idea of a compact truck into existence, there was a search for what to name it. However, it didn’t take long to name it because one of the engineers who worked on it –  Hans Zabel, described the truck as “Universal-Motor-Gerät,” in his notes, which means the universal piece of equipment in the German language. Later this big word was abbreviated to, what we call it today, UNIMOG.

From Unimog to Unimog Mercedes

Well, Unimog is not just a usual vehicle, but it is a brand as well. It was 1948 when the demand for Unimog increased and the company had to start its mass production. Two years later, Daimler Benz took over the manufacturing of Unimog with the backing of Mercedes-Benz, and the post-1951 models of Unimog were adorned with the universally famous logo of the three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star.

Soon, the vehicle that was initially imagined and produced to assist the agriculture sector, became a part of other industries as well. The multi-purpose moto was actually coming to life. Due to its amazing built, cargo space, and other extraordinary features, people started using it for a myriad of purposes including, plowing snow, hauling cargo, putting out fires, forestry, and motorsports. Moreover, the vehicle is so flexible that it started being used as a military vehicle as well.

Why did Unimog never enter the North American Market?

While some of you would be aware of the existence of Unimog, many Americans were clueless about it. One of the reasons for it can be that it was not a locally produced vehicle. But that doesn’t count as a primary reason for it, because there are many international car manufacturers that are still standing tall in America.

However, what kept Unimog away from Americans was the fact that there wasn’t adequate support for the company to grow its roots. Nor were there favorable sales margins at that time. Thus it never arrived here officially except getting imported under the grey market regulations.

This is also a primary reason that Americans are finding it difficult to purchase a Unimog within the boundaries of America.

Find your ideal Unimog

As promised above, we will be helping you to find a Unimog. As this is the era of online shopping, there is no better way than look for it online. However, the idea of buying a vehicle online is not the best, but there is no better option as well.

So one of the best places from where you can buy and sell Unimog is Unimogmeister. It is a platform from where anyone around the world can find the best suited Unimog for sale in the US and make an offer.

Apart from this, you can also visit Mascus or Unimog Exchange for better deals. Bring a trailer is also a good option as well.

Moreover, those Americans, who bought this vehicle previously, but that doesn’t have any purpose in their garage anymore, can use the above-mentioned sites to sell them as well and make some extra cash with it.

Final words

Whether you are looking for a 2021 Unimog that is being sold or are planning to sell your vintage multi-purpose vehicle at auction, we have given you options for it. Unimog is indeed a vehicle of its time and even today its uses are multiple. We hope that you find the best deals and are able to get it in your garage if you are looking to buy it or sell it for a good return if you are looking to sell. In all cases, we did our best to help you out, hopefully, it will work out for you.

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