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Toyota Sequoia SUV 2023- The monstrous hybrid SUV

Toyota Sequoia SUV 2023- The monstrous hybrid SUV?

Toyota Sequoia SUV 2023 previously known as the ‘oldest SUV’ will give up the title extravagantly.


The current model of Toyota Sequoia SUV which had been on sale since 2008 is going to be replaced by a full-sized truck that underpins the latest Lexus LX and Tundra pickup. An all-new SUV is also ready to set the standards against other automobiles including Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Jeep Wagoneer.

Things that make Toyota Sequoia SUV worth promising are its hybrid powertrain that includes an electric motor among its turbocharged V6 and 10-speed automatic transmission, which is able to convert 583 lb-ft torque and 437 horsepower.

However, the official details about the economy and other particulars haven’t made the news, it is certain that the primary driver will be the electric motor at the speed of 18 mph with the hybrid set up that promises to upgrade Sequoia’s 381 hp V8 with a combination of 14-15 mpg.

 Additionally, three rows of seating, five trim levels (Platinum, Limited, SR5, Capstone, and TRD Pro), and a reclining third row are expected to be there with the monster Toyota Sequoia SUV.

Contrary to any other American brand competition, the San Antonio-built Sequoia has a coil spring rear axle instead of a suspension. Plus, the heavy vehicle can tow up to 9,000 pounds with its rear air load-leveling spring that balances out the load profusely.

Four-wheel-drive is standard in the TRD Pro and is optional across the pickup truck lineup, which has a rear locking differential, underbody protection, improved suspension, and off-road-focused electronic traction management systems.

All the grades get Toyota’s Safety sense Suites for electronic drivers with a spot warning system, which includes automatic emergency brakes, lacing tracing feature, and adaptive cruise control that keeps the cruise in the lane.

The pricing for the Toyota Sequoia SUV is expected to be announced this summer when the launch will begin. A foreseeing price is said to be $51,995. 

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