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Is it high time for Toyota 4runner redesign

Is it high time for Toyota 4runner redesign?

Toyota is expected to launch the new edition of 4runner between 2023 and 2025. The new launch drives us to wonder what would be the newness in the Toyota 4runner redesign version.

Are you an SUV lover? There’s no doubt in saying that you have just heard about the tough ride manufactured by Toyota known as ‘4runner.’

For more than three decades, Toyota has been producing or manufacturing cars for all. Their affordable prices and unbeatable comfort on the road motivate every car lover to purchase vehicles from their label directly.

One of the car experts mentioned – It’s redesign time. Hasn’t it been a decade already? We’re living with the 5th generation Toyota 4runner and most of the people have admitted that it’s high time for the company to produce the 6th generation.


Let’s dig into what things can be considered while Toyota redesigns one of its most successful cars over the period.

Things that can be updated or replaced in the Toyota 4runner redesign version


Previously, the Toyota 4runner was produced with a 5-speed automatic transmission that produces 270 horsepower. Well, is it enough to satisfy the needs of the driver?

Toyota 4runner was produced with a 4.0 liters V8 engine, which was seen as less compact with the vehicle. Multiple options were given like 2.4 and 4.7 liters V8 engines customized according to the driver’s need, yet it wasn’t that successful.

According to the sources, drivers are preferring a bit more advanced transmission in the vehicle. The engine is one of the elements without which the car is incomplete, and the Toyota 4runner has a lot of room to improve on this factor.

One additional feature of turbo assistance can also be fixed in the car just like the rumored Toyota Tundra 2022 possesses.


Hybrid system

Toyota is planning aggressively to upgrade every car, truck, and SUVs into a hybrid. As the world is evolving with technology many car companies have promoted Hybrid cars and Toyota wants to do the same.

Tom Kretschmann (Toyota Expert) mentioned in one of his interviews that Toyota is most likely to increase the number of cars up to 25% that is powered by electricity instead of fuel.

As mentioned above how the technology is raising its standards, more people would be willing to purchase hybrid cars. Instead of worrying about the gas mileage, people would find it relatively easier to replace their old batteries with new ones after their usage for several years.

Fuel causes air pollution and this factor should be taken under consideration. To gain more sympathy from the majorities, the evolution towards a hybrid system will surely help.


Latest Toyota 4runner features

When the car was upgraded back in 2020, it was developed with additional features to make it a more prosperous model than the others.

Features such as Apple CarPlay, upgraded sensor system, larger screens installed, and better usage of leather in the interior made the 4runner distinctive.

According to research, interested buyers would love the addition of more technological advancement in the car which should be done subtly. Keeping the great look alive.

Toyota 4runner V/S Tacoma: which one needs to be redesigned?

Both of these vehicles have been inspirational for Toyota in capturing the market. Both models have their separate buyers. For the past few decades, they are ruling over the hearts of car enthusiasts.

These vehicles were manufactured while keeping important factors such as reliability and dependability in mind. Toyota is well-known for its resale value and it wouldn’t be hard for you to judge that both of the vehicles have great resale numbers.

The third generation, Tacoma was redesigned recently back in 2016. However, the case is different with 4runner. While keeping the 5th generation intact, the shape of the vehicle hasn’t changed since 2010.


The 2021 Toyota 4runner has created a few additional features in the car. However, it is still keeping the old shape in play.

Timeframe for both the vehicles redesigning has been uncertain from Toyota. However, as per the discussion from the experts, they believe that the Toyota 4runner is the vehicle that needs to be redesigned. Toyota has cloudy thoughts over the fact whether they can produce the sixth generation of 4runner or not, but rumors suggest that 4runner’s latest edition will be available in the market somewhere between 2023-2025.


It won’t be a difficult task for Toyota to keep the legacy intact. Sometimes, brands are uncertain about how the new face of the vehicle would perform in the market. Toyota should realize the fact that 4runner has its separate fan base and the patrons will buy the vehicle regardless of anything.

The beauty of the new model and body style is what all the buyers are waiting for. Toyota should consider this and produce the phenomenal 4runner in a new design.

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