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How to bypass limp mode You won’t have to worry anymore if your car messes up while driving

How to bypass limp mode? You won’t have to worry anymore if your car messes up while driving

Imagine that you are going for a long drive and suddenly you feel the pressure while changing gears, and your car gets out of control. The chances are that your car has gone into limp mode. To continue with your smooth drive, learn how to bypass limp mode.

What is a limp mode?

When we feel any danger, our fifth sense cautions us before anything happens and we tend to take precautionary measures before any problem unfolds. Similarly, when your car detects a fault in the engine or transmission, the limp mode gets activated to ensure your safety. The moment the problem occurs, the limp mode will trigger a reduced speed. This will indicate that you must get your car checked.

However, when limp mode activates, it makes it difficult for you to drive. If you want to reach a nearby mechanic, you will have to bypass limp mode. In this article, we will give you detailed information on how to bypass limp mode.

How to bypass limp mode

If you want to bypass the limp mode, you should consider the following options:

You must stop your car

The moment your car loses momentum, and the engine lights start to blink, know that limp mode is activated. In this case, pull up the brake and stop your car at a safe spot. Switch off the ignition and let your car’s engine rest for some time. It will help the built-in computer system to disable all the mechanisms inside your car. After a while, you can restart your car.

The next step is to put your car in gear. Try shifting gears, until it becomes smooth. Once you are done, you are good to go because you have successfully bypassed the limp mode.

However, if this trick doesn’t work, then scroll down below for another hack.

Get a car diagnostic scanner

A car diagnostic scanner scans and detects error codes on a car. You can use this device to identify the reason behind the activation of the limp mode. This scanner will show you if there is a problem with the ignition, transmission, engine, or did your car just trigger a false alarm. Other than detecting the mentioned issues, this device will also detect if there is an issue with the boost deviation of the car.

Once you detect the problem, it will be easier for you to deactivate limp mode. You can read the maintenance tip from the owner’s manual and reset your engine light. This will not only help you to deactivate the limp mode, but it will help you analyze the intensity of the situation. It comes in handy in emergency situations when you need to reach your destination in quick time.

If you need an urgent solution, scroll down to read about another hack that will help you to bypass limp mode for sure.

Disconnect the car’s battery

When nothing works, disconnecting the car’s battery is the last option you have. Park your car at a safe spot and switch off the ignition. Next, open the bonnet and detach your car’s battery. Once done, you should wait for about 30 minutes.

This will reset your car’s transmission. When you will restart the ignition, your car will automatically deactivate the limp mode, and you can drive your car to the repair station.

Although this is the most secure way to deactivate the limp mode, if the car transmission system is leaking, your car will activate the limp mode again.

Check for transmission fluid leakage

You just deactivated the limp mode, and instantly you get the warning again. This can be irritating, but it is also a serious issue. Park your car at a safe place and open the bonnet. Find the dipstick, and check if the transmission liquid is intact.

If the fluid level is low, you won’t be able to control your car while driving, thus activating the limp mode.

Once you have checked the quantity of transmission fluid, which will most probably indicate a leakage, you must call a tow truck because it is not safe to drive with a leaking transmission system.


In this article, you have learned about multiple hacks as to how to bypass limp mode. You can choose any, but we highly recommend you to disconnect your battery to bypass limp mode, because it is safe, and ensures there is no further damage to your car.

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