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Thinking of buying a Car Dash Camera Here’s a list of 10 best dash cameras

Thinking of buying a Car Dash Camera? Here’s a list of 10 best dash cameras

Is it too difficult to keep a 360-degree view while driving? Well, then you must install a dashcam in your car that will ease all your problems and will become your safe driving companion. Here is the list of top 10 Dash cameras that you must consider buying.

Top 10 car dash cameras perfect for safe driving

Apeman C450

Going low on budget, yet want to choose one of the best dashboard cameras, then you can purchase Apeman C450 without any worries. It gives you 1080P, premium quality recording, and is very easy to use. Not only it gives the best results in terms of capture, but it also automatically records a sudden accident and vandals. Moreover, it can be attached to your car’s windshield through a suction cup.

Kenwood DRV-A301W

Kenwood is one of the known brands in the car industry. This model provides 1080p HD quality and is amazingly designed for modern cars. Apart from exceptional image quality, this camera with a 2.7-inch back LCD also has Wi-Fi features. Moreover, internal super-capacitors have replaced the traditional batteries and it has a magnetic release to hide or transport easily.

Z-Edge S3 Dual Dash Cam

This is one of the best picks when it comes to a 360-degree car dash camera. It gives 1440p footage from the front camera and 1080p from the back lens. Moreover, it comes with a 16 GB card, G-sensor, and WDR. Apart from quality and high definition videos, this camera is very much affordable and promotes safe driving. It also secures your car from vandals by being active 24/7 on parking mode.

Yi 2.7 Full HD Dashboard Camera

YI dash cam takes pride in being an advanced driver assistant system with a real-time lane departure feature. Moreover, this 2.7-inch screen dash camera has a DashCam app making it user-friendly for drivers. Apart from this, the buttons are identifiable, which makes it easy for everyone to operate it regardless if one is tech-savvy or not. It also has G-sensor that senses any collision and then records the footage for later.

Anker Roav DashCam C1

Anker is truly a solid investment for the dashboard camera. Sony’s masterpiece has a wide-angle lens, which makes it easier to capture a wide area. Moreover, the night vision feature allows capturing four full lanes in high definition quality. Apart from that, temperatures vary from place to place, so if you’re worried that this dashboard cam will stop working, then worry not. Anker Roav will not leave you like that, as it is manufactured to work in extreme weather conditions from 19 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also access the recorded videos through the Roav app.

Rexing V1 Car Dash Camera

Rexing V1 is another functional car dash cam that records 4k high definition videos. It also has a similar feature that is present in almost all of the above-mentioned devices. It records the car crash automatically and has a loop-recording feature that overwrites old recordings. Apart from that, it has six layer lens and gives a 170-degree view.

PAPAGO Car DashCam GoSafe 535

PAPAGO Car DashCam GoSafe 535 claims to provide the highest quality video footage with a 160-degree view. Moreover, you can directly transfer all the recorded videos into your smartphone through the given cable in the package. Apart from that, it also records the loop recording that vanishes once the loop is complete. Although it comes with an 8GB micro SD card, you can upgrade the memory by replacing it with a 64 GB card.

Garmin Speak Plus With Amazon Alexa

If you are buying Garmin Speak Plus, then you will get the unlimited family plan of Amazon Music as well. This camera is a high-tech device that caters to modern needs. Through speak plus, you can also command Alexa to give you turn-by-turn navigation instruction. Moreover, this camera also warns you if you are driving off lane. It will also record the footage of any collisions automatically, leaving you stress-free with emergency recordings.

Magellan MIVUE 480D DashCam

Magellan MIVUE 480D is another leading dash cam that provides you a full 360-degree view as the package includes two cameras with a 128 GB card. One cam fits on the dashboard and it projects 1296p picture quality. Moreover, the other one is installed at the back, which provides 1080p video. Apart from that, it gives you both audio and visual warnings in case you drive off the lane or are about to hit another vehicle. Moreover, its G-sensor notes the collision and keeps the recordings safe.

Vantrue X4 Advanced 4K Video DashCam

Vantrue X4 is perfect for those who wish to record their videos in 4K quality. It needs around 256 GBs to keep your recordings safe. The manufacturers have also asked the users to avoid traditional SanDisk cards. Moreover, the camera operates through an internal super-capacitor, which keeps the battery durable even in the scorching heat.


These are the best choices when it comes to dash cams. Moreover, if you are wondering how to install a dash camera in your car? Know that some of the above-mentioned cams can be easily installed by yourself, but for some, you may require a professional’s help.


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