Things you need to know about the Nissan connect

Nissan Connect is the newest feature in the newer generations of Nissan automobiles. It integrates with your car’s most important features into a digital dash mount, and the users find it pretty convenient. The main purpose of Nissan connect is to maintain the driver’s focus on the road by compiling navigation, security, and entertainment in one digital box. The user interface of the Nissan Connect box is very sleek, decent, simple, and user-friendly.

Touch screen and voice accessibility

Nissan Connect offers a touch screen, which makes all the features accessible with one tap. The most common issue that people face while using touch screens in their cars is that their finger slips onto the wrong option. Nissan took care of that by introducing much bigger icons. You can also control your Nissan connect through voice control by simply clicking on the convenient talk button that is present on the steering wheel. By clicking on it you will activate Siri. The presence of Siri also ensures its compatibility with Apple car play, which makes all the features of Nissan Connect accessible through voice commands.

Driving smart? Now you can drive smarter

Having Nissan connect allows you to connect with the outside world while driving, and it is not only convenient but, there is no harm in using it even while driving. Moreover, you can also get internet access and can contact emergency services via this box easily.

Apart from all this, the Nissan connect system automatically sends you important notifications like service reminders, reports regarding health, etc.

Entertainment features

Through Nissan connect, you can easily access and connect your cell phone to Bluetooth, and stream your favorite audio tracks or podcasts.

Navigation made easier

SiriusXM traffic provides you with real-time traffic situations around your city. You can use the navigation of Nissan connect along with Google maps to easily find your destination

Communication advancements

With  Nissan connect you can make calls and text without touching your phone. Moreover, you can access all the essential apps like Facebook, Twitter, browser, etc. through the touch screen or voice commands.

Get your custom Nissan connect

Customization is one of the most important features users look for and Nissan Connect has not disappointed. One can easily customize the box by enabling features that one will use the most while commuting. You can also add or remove the digital apps. So, the apps that you need are always accessible.

You can visit Nissan connect simulator web page if you want to know more about the customization features that Nissan connect offers.

Final thoughts

Nissan Connect, the company’s new infotainment suite, is a significant upgrade over the previous and obsolete setup. Furthermore, the sleek style complements the company’s cutting-edge exterior design vocabulary. Customers can just look at Nissan’s premium sub-brand Infiniti to see how far they are between luxury and technological competence. Nissan Connect isn’t ideal, but it’s near enough for what Nissan wants it to be. It’s yet another example of mass-market manufacturers outdoing their premium rivals in terms of in-car technology.

Nissan Connect is a strong addition to the organization’s most up-to-date and most upscale products. It has a good UI, incredible features, and equipment that is higher than average. The best commendation we can give to Nissan connect is that it is by all accounts, lined up perfectly with the vehicle. Many infotainment gadgets don’t sync with the design language of the vehicles they are equipped in. However, that is not the case with Nissan connect, it gives a perfect blend of aesthetic design along with high tech accessibility.

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