Our top picks: American racing wheels

Are you interested in drag racing, towing, cruising, or any other motorsports? If yes, so American Racing Wheels has got you covered.

To complement the American Muscle Car Movement, American Racing Wheels were introduced back in 1956. These motorsports cannot be performed with the local tires or wheels. So, to make them last for a sufficient duration, the manufacturing company made use of high-grade steel and malleable aluminum.

Any individual who is firmly interested in racing and sports cars might find it hard to select the ideal pair of wheels for their vehicle. From American Racing Estrella to American Racing Off-road, we have created a list of the top-leading wheels available. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as we’ll be providing complete insight about which wheels will suit your pocket and vehicle perfectly.

These are the 5 popular American Racing Wheels:

American Racing Estrella machined finish wheels

Due to its lightweight and appealing outlook, Estrella wheels become a good component for your car, truck, SUV, or jeep.

One of the major reasons for Estrella being liked and loved by many is its unique and captivating design. This wheel is available in the range of 13-18 inches in diameter for your vehicle. Moreover, Estrella is well-known for a fact that it increases the performance level of your car.

However, Estrella is not compatible with every vehicle. As these tires are lighter in weight, Estrella cannot cope up with vehicles that carry heavy loads.

American Racing Estrella machined finish wheels

Main features

Aluminum used in the making

Delicate finish with chrome

Eye-catchy appearance

American Racing Custom machined wheel

The look of the wheel is enhanced by the badge in the center of the wheel with the American Racing symbol.

These wheels come with the option of backspacing and offsets so that you’re able to implant these wheels in any car model. Moreover, due to its supreme quality, the manufacturing company provides you with a lifetime structural warranty.

On the other hand, if you have a car tire that is above 16 inches, the ‘Custom Machined Wheel’ is not the right option for you. Additionally, the center badge being the most unique thing about the wheel can catch rust after a certain period.

American Racing Custom machined wheel

Main features

Manufactured in Aluminum

Appealing outlook

Clear Coat finish

Baja Satin Black wheel

Are you willing to make a bold statement with the representation of your car, SUV, truck, or jeep? Well, the Baja Satin Black wheel should be your prime choice.

To make it look more attractive and to shine for a longer span, the manufacturing company used the black satin finish. The wheel is available in three sizes 15,16, and 17 inches. It doesn’t matter whether you’re carrying a good amount of load in the trunk of your car, the powerful steel protects it from any severe damage. Due to its massive quality, the company takes the guarantee of the wheel for a lifetime.

Nonetheless, lug nuts are not included in the package, so you might have to spend long hours in the market searching for them.

Baja Satin Black wheel

Main features

Multiple sizes available

Satin black finish

Powerful steel design

American Racing Outlaw II machined wheel

Instead of a standard silver wheel, the use of metallic chrome makes it different from every other racing wheel in the market.

Unlike the basic wheels you see on the road every day, these wheels have an engaging look. This wheel is available from 14-17 inches in diameter. Furthermore, due to the usage of aluminum in the making, the rust factor lessens up.

However, aluminum is less reliable and less pure steel and due to this, there are higher chances that the wheel might get scratches and dents easily.

American Racing Outlaw II machined wheel

Main features

Made in Aluminum


Machine constructed

American Racing Off-road wheel with machined finish

You might be interested in going off-roading with your friends and family. Well, your vehicle might not be able to pass the hurdles it would face during the journey if the wheels aren’t supportive.

With the reliability of carrying over 2000 pounds, the Ansen wheel is perfect for off-roading. The deadly combination of it being lightweight and satin black look makes it the favorite for many. This wheel is available from 15-20 inches with several backspacing and off-set choices.

On the other hand, the manufacturing of aluminum includes the risk of rust. Moreover, the wheel wouldn’t be that strong if compared to an alternate steel-made wheel.

American Racing Off-road wheel with machined finish

Main features

Machined finish

Can carry a heavy load

Good range of sizes available


Every wheel has a certain lifetime and capacity; after that, it should be changed. Otherwise, the maintenance cost attached to your vehicle increases with performance not being up to the mark. Besides, with the help of this article, it will become easier for you to find out the ideal wheel for your vehicle which increases the performance and enhances the look of your car, SUV, or jeep.

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