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The steps for a Car donation and the benefits

The steps for a Car donation and the benefits

This article will provide you with detailed information as to how to go about donating your car to help desperate people. You might get some benefits in tax deduction too.  We will also mention the organizations you may need to contact to make a car donation through the proper channel. You will have to fill out specific forms and make sure to get all the receipts.

The organizations where you can donate your car

The easiest approach to donate your car for free is to contact a charity organization. There are many large, well-known charities that will be more than happy to accept your car in donation. These charities will also help you with the paperwork regarding the whole process. Moreover, you will be eligible to tax deductions if the charity sells off your car.

Two well-known charities

There are many charity organizations of repute. The two charities mentioned below, work professionally to help both the donator and the buyers.

The salvation army

This is a popular charity organization. The Salvation Army has been serving people in need since 1865. If this charity sells off your vehicle, the money obtained will go for causes such as programs – to help homeless people, aid for victims for disasters, for rehabilitation centers and to fight against human trafficking.

The Salvation Army also tends to show the appreciation for your donation by financially benefiting you – providing the necessary receipts for a tax deduction relief.

The simple procedure to go through

The donator has to fill up the fields on their website page for car donations or call them to learn about the procedure.

What the charity will do for you

They can pick the car up for you at your convenient time.

They will deal with the necessary paperwork proving the donation by you. the record will clearly show a full clearance of liability by you.

They upgrade the vehicle before selling it, so that it sells at a good price. The receipt for the sale will be given to you. This gives you a much better tax deduction relief.


This organization does whatever it takes to protect children. A very good reason to donate your car to them, is that, if you are into supporting children in trouble or in immediate need of financial help. The organization has been working to address many different needs of children in trouble since 1970. Your donation will support children in need of protection, assistance or other services.

The organization’s procedure to accept a car donation

You can visit their website and follow the directions, or just call their representatives for details regarding what to do, and how will your donation help a child. Any other questions can be asked for any clarifications and the legal bindings involved in the process.

Certain requirement by the organization

You are required to donate a car with no major parts missing like an engine or some major transmission issues.

The vehicle does not have to be registered in your name. The name on the title and the name with which the car is registered need not be the same.

Depending on the condition and value of the car, the organization will get the car job done. The organization also ensures that you are eligible and will be benefited for the donation by a tax deduction relief.

Depending on the value of the car, the organization may hire a private appraising professional, and the donor must fill out an IRS form.

Actions by you

We recommend that you should personally see a tax advisor for tax-related issues. If you want to, make sure you fill out the required forms, and get receipts that will let you be entitled to tax deductions.


There are many reasons for donating a car. Maybe you are not using your car because it’s a convertible, and you do not like it anymore. Selling it would be a hassle, keeping it will just waste garage space or space. It might need too much repairs.

Remember that you may get some relief in tax deductions, but it will not be substantial. But still, if you don’t want to pay the personal property tax for a car, it is a very good idea to donate your car to a charity organization.

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