The particulars of Endurance warranty coverage

Endurance warranty coverage plans have several comprehensive approaches that cater to the different needs of customers. With Endurance warranties, customers have five main plans to choose from.

When you join the elite membership of Endurance, you will be entitled to 8 additional benefits that are extremely attractive. Examine all the plans mentioned below and see which Endurance warranty coverage best suits your needs.

Selecting your level of auto coverage

Now you decide which Endurance warranty suits your interest best and is worth the dollars.

The first plan – Secure

Almost everyone can afford this Endurance warranty coverage. This warranty plan coverage deals with the most important parts of your vehicle. It covers the powertrain section of the car. The extremely vital and costliest components of the engine including the torque converter and the transmission. Any part related to the powertrain has coverage according to this plan. For those who drive a lot daily and for those that need a low budget powertrain warranty coverage, this is for them.

Benefits of the Plan

  • Monthly payments are competitive against other warranty providing companies. We take into account the fact that people generally have a tight budget but need that protection against sudden vehicle breakdowns. People of many walks of life just can’t afford to suddenly dish out large sums of money for car repairs. So invest in Endurance warranty and rest assured you are covered. The amount you pay per month will be worth it if ever your car breaks down.
  • This warranty covers the crucial components of a car. It covers the powertrain section which consists of the engine and transmission of a car. Further details about other specific components that may support the powertrain will be revealed to you in the warranty.
  • Just check out the samples of warranties under this plan that we have. Decide whether it is the coverage that suits you or not.

The second plan – Select Premier

Select Premier is designed to cover cars that have reached around 150,000 miles of driving on their odometers. Owners of such cars now look for the best kind of warranty to protect their vehicles. All crucial machine parts are protected by this plan. This Endurance warranty coverage will cover all electrical parts. The plan also covers the air conditioning components of a car.

Benefits of the Plan

  • This warranty is one of the best warranties to have if your car has a high mileage reading. The warranty makes sure its coverage deals with all the important machines and electrical parts to get your car working again.
  • A selected number of lubricated sections of the transmission system, the engine body, parts, and the drive-axle set-up that are susceptible to damage are covered for repairs in this plan.
  • All electrical parts, the A/C, other cooling components, and heating components are covered in this plan. The fuel in-take mechanism is also included under the warranty.
  • Furthermore, you can check out a sample warranty of this kind to see the other benefits you will get with the Premier plan.

The third plan – Superior

This plan covers a lot of parts from the suspensions in the rear of the vehicle right up to the engine. You would not have to worry about anything going wrong that this Endurance warranty coverage can’t handle. All the parts that are covered will be laid out in the warranty. So drive confidently.

Benefits of the Plan

  • It covers most of the parts of your car.
  • The highest level of coverage for all named and specified parts, components, and systems in your car.
  • Check out samples of this warranty to know for sure which specific parts are covered and which are exempted from coverage.

The fourth plan – Supreme

It is the most extensive Endurance warranty coverage. This plan is as good as the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s for those drivers who drive a lot but don’t want any headaches of a car breaking down on good days. If you are one of those drivers who prefer a seamless experience, you need this warranty. It deals with the maximum amount of break down scenarios and instantly assists you. Every kind of repair is assured as quickly as possible. There are a few parts excluded. But they would be negligible to a large extent.

Benefits of the Plan

  • All the financial protection for most types of breakdowns.
  • Complete coverage under most situations with a few excluded parts or components that are mentioned as excluded from the coverage.
  • Can match other expensive warranties that are given by well-known warranty companies.
  • Study a sample of such a contract for a full list of items covered and excluded.

The fifth plan – Secure Plus

This Endurance warranty coverage plan is for those drivers who are on the road a lot and need protection against any powertrain problems as well as some additional protection too.

This plan is just a little higher than Secure. As the name suggests Secure Plus, it’s another low-budget plan that tries not to bite too deeply into your finances. But you get that extra powertrain coverage that will please you.

Benefits of the Plan

  • A high-level protection plan that is at par with most of the best protection warranties available out there for drivers.
  • The coverage protects all the major machine parts of the engine and transmission system including the steering and brakes. It also covers the air conditioning system, electrical components, and other parts that will be mentioned in the contract.
  • Examine a sample of this contract to know what gets covered and what does not.

In short, Endurance contracts cover a lot and accommodates every vehicle owner providing them coverage against unforeseen circumstances.

What are the additional benefits of the Endurance warranty plan?

  • A twenty-four hours, seven days a week protection. Whenever you have a sudden car problem, whether the battery is not working, a spark plug problem, a flat tire, Secure has you covered. The car might need fuel or some important spare part, or perhaps you have lost your keys. Secure will be there to assist you, guaranteed.
  • Transportation support for traveling convenience. This warranty will make sure you will get reimbursed for a rental car or any other public transportation service you want to use for traveling around while your car is getting repaired.
  • Dealing with travel difficulties. All lodging and meal expenses will be reimbursed in an occurrence your car breaks down a hundred miles from your home.

Cost of getting any Endurance warranty plan

The company has to calculate the monthly payments by first considering these critical areas before giving you a quote. The cost of monthly payments, the make of the car, the model of the car, the year it was purchased, and the mileage on it. Furthermore, a company makes additional calculations according to what plan you want.

For a general idea, about how much a warranty might cost per year? It’s about $300 to about $700 per year.


We think that all these Endurance warranty coverage plans are very good car warranty deals for the public. They have several plans for people who can afford either expensive to affordable warranty plans.

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