The different types of Endurance Warranty

This article will provide you information about different types of warranties and the details offered by Endurance. How much would an Endurance warranty cost is important to check out?

The different warranties offered

Generally, Endurance offers five different types of warranties. The company puts it as five different levels of warranty coverage plans.

The first level: select premier

This coverage provides a warranty for the cooling system, axle, electrical components, the engine, the fuel intake components, transfer case, the transmission, and the supercharger/turbo enabling components of a car.

The second level: secure

This coverage provides a warranty for the drive axle, engine, transmission and supercharger/ turbo components.

The third level: secure plus

This level of warranty will cover any problems with the car cooling system, brakes, drive axle, electrical components, engine, gaskets, steering, transfer case, transmission, and the turbo/ supercharger components of the car.

The fourth level: superior

A superior level warranty plan will cover a vehicle’s brakes, cooling system, axle, electrical components, engine, suspension, fuel, gaskets, steering components, transfer case, transmission, and turbo components.

The fifth level of coverage: supreme

The supreme level warranty covers everything the other levels cover and some more. The air conditioning system/components, the brakes, the cooling system, the drive axle, the electrical components, the engine, the suspension, the fuel, the gaskets, the steering mechanism, the transfer case, the transmission section, and the supercharger/ turbo components of a vehicle.

The total cost calculations for a warranty

The cost of these warranties may vary. The total cost depends on car’s model, make, age, car maintenance, the condition of the parts and the mileage of the car. The warranty package cost of a car also depends on the age of the owner (a young inexperienced driver or a senior driver who might have health issues), his/her driving history and how the car is being used, will the owner keep the car for commercial purposes, for family use only, or for personal use.

The cost of a supreme level warranty

The supreme level warranty is exclusively meant for a specific model and makes such as:

Honda CR-V car: This warranty package is valid for a 5-year period or 100,000-miles of distance covered. The down payment amounts to $343, with a monthly payment of $128 for 24 months.

For a Lexus ES 350 car: This warranty package is valid for a 3-year period or 36,000-miles of distance covered. The down payment amounts to $156 for 18 months.

The cost of a secure level warranty

As far as the cost of secure level warranty is concerned, it will vary for a model and make.

For the Lexus ES 350: This warranty package is valid for a 5-year period or 60,000-miles of distance covered. The down payment amounts to $210 for 36 months.

For a Toyota Camry: This warranty package is valid for a 6-year period or 75,000-miles of distance covered. The down payment amounts to $395. Monthly payment accounts for $111 for 30 months.

There are many different varying costs that depend on many factors.

A general cost estimate for an endurance warranty

On average, an Endurance warranty can cost anywhere between $340 to $690 per year, for a duration of 3 to 8 years.

To know how much a warranty of any level will cost, the car owner will have to contact the company.

Scams and endurance

There are many third-party businesses that woo customers to pay for extended car warranties. These companies pretend to be legal service providers. It is only when the customers come to know that it was all scam, and they were tricked, and that there is no company that exists in this name anymore, and all those monthly payments were rip-offs.

This is the reason why choosing a trusted extended car warranty company is so important. You can get more information about Endurance on Inc. 5000 honoree that is supported by AM Best A-rated insurance company. This company can also be confirmed as a legitimate business concern through BBB (Best Business Bureau).

Is an Endurance warranty scam ever reported? Try checking any trustworthy institution for the answer.


Customers can check about Endurance over the internet themselves. It is better to make phone calls to confirm a legitimate extended car warranty company. Endurance will not disappoint you. The customers should also confirm the cost of a warranty package according to the cost factors highlighted in this article.


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